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TclKit would be nice :)
Some latest news, developer of ramen has left the project due to personal reason. The community is trying to pick up the pieces and to continue the project.
Lightworks beta is now available for download for Win. MacOSX and Linux will be released later on. :)
So far, there is no source is released and the windows beta is so buggy that it's unusable. The UI is quite different compare to FCP, Premiere or Avid (some editor claim it's of the best UI - I can understand their point of view as other pro software has similar trait, MAYA (nested menus everywhere) - Flame (Too many buttons to click but you will be super fast if you know where). I'm really looking forward to the Linux release.
You need to register account there to be able to download.
I prefer the Snow leopard. Apple has just ruined the OSX UI with squarish button and milky white theme. Also the new Expose just create more confusion when switching between apps. Also no Rosetta, it means some old game like Warcraft 3 (I'm still playing DOTA) wont be able to run on LION anymore.
Wish you guys have the prosperous new year.
10.10 looks dreadful in my eyes as UX designer, it actually just ugliest OSX i've seen till date. Now gone all the affordance and why they use Helvetica Neue for the system font. It looks cheap and out of place for one simple fact that helvetica neue does not look good in small size. Maverick is my bread and butter
Either work or not working and the case should be in mint condition. please PM me if you have any for sell
Well i've been using MBP retina for nearly 2 years, been working marvelously with Maverick. No issue at all
Any chance you guys can post screenshots of Barco Strike and more screenshots for Barco Creator.
I'm very interested in knowing what's sort vintage software before Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator become the defacto standard
Now i wish that I was born in the 70s. Stuff back then are like dark magic, only handful of people can get access or have the opportunity to work on any of those systems. Looking forward to see screenshots or documents related to the barco product
@Guardian452: :) you are correct
Nice stuff dude.

@PymbleSoftware: I need to visit my old friend to capture his SGI collections and put up some beauty shots for archiving purposes.
I like the old SGI typo better
The glossy style of the logo is so 2001... but even back then SGI logo was flat white which is simple and stylish.. before all the flat UI craze on iOS and Android
interesting I never realized that they actually have UNIX version.
Their last attempt was half arse port for Linux that use Wine Wrapper ( also it was bundled with Core Linux distro, well Corel quickly give up on linux for good shortly after ).
Please upload some screenshots. I'm huge fan of this software. Pity that Adobe Illustrator is getting ahead of the game due to their tight integration with other softwares like Photoshop, InDesign and Adobe soft can be ran on OSX. Corel needs to consider porting CorelDraw to different OS.
I'm looking for a screenshot of Discreet Logic FIRE in very early version
(something like this) ... s/fire.htm

If anyone have them, please upload them up. Thank you so much
back then in 2008, it has been always my dream to acquire a Octane2. I saved up enough money from part time work, instead of blowing cash for thrill ride on fast car like all my friends did, I've bought a retired Tezro system that comes with all the extra boxes (VBOB, Stone Storage, etc...) for Discreet SMOKE.

I've thought I could used it for any serious works but at that time any x86 would have smoked MIPs and most pro softwares were no longer developed ( started with Maya jumped to x86 and Discreet stop developing IFFFs for IRIX). The machine becomes my trophy, I don't use it as much aside from turning it on now and then, just to muck around and being mesmerized by the incredible CPU case design ( by Frog Design Inc. btw ). Due to have no fixed place ( i was living in the apartment unit and shared with 4 other students ), I've decided to sell it fellow nekochan member in sydney, knowing it that he will take good care of it.
Yup, need a better and faster browser also most of the SGI boxes (including tezro) has extremely loud fans and Onyx2 can consume huge amount of electricity for simple task like 3d modeling in Maya. I don't see any reason to use SGI boxes as daily driver aside from hobby or man's toy.
Any photos of the tezro?
If it was not for hefty shipping price (to Australia), I would buy this machine at heart beat. What a beauty. Wish you good luck on your sell and may whoever snatch it enjoy the thrill ride of maxed out spec Tezro