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NLE goes open source: Lightworks


Has anyone used it before? It sounds like one of those 'best product no one uses'. Looks like an opportunity to peddle some services and products around this open source product. Will it work for them?

Anyone interested would look here: http://www.editshare.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=208

Great news. Can't wait till someone port it to Irix
Lightworks beta is now available for download for Win. MacOSX and Linux will be released later on. :)
So far, there is no source is released and the windows beta is so buggy that it's unusable. The UI is quite different compare to FCP, Premiere or Avid (some editor claim it's of the best UI - I can understand their point of view as other pro software has similar trait, MAYA (nested menus everywhere) - Flame (Too many buttons to click but you will be super fast if you know where). I'm really looking forward to the Linux release.
I would comment but it I always get a request timeout trying to download it.


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