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Hello, Mips3 R4400 here, Irix 6.5.22 and the new fsel does not work with Lightwave 5.6. I have followed the instructions as well.
Still not load or save. Do I need to do something else ?
I installed Lightwave demo, then I replaced fsel (I backup-ed the original). I made the chmod and I run the command SETUPLW, I loged-out and then csh and my lightwave still has not save (of course it is the demo version still) or load. To be honest, I formatted my hard disk last week, in which lightwave had not also save/load. I thought that it could help, but nothing.

I believe that maybe the problem is that I use 6.5.22 on a R4400/250 which is mips3 processor and maybe the fsel compiled for mips4 processors... or the 6.5.22 has differences from under versions, but I do not have other original IRIX CDs, only 6.5.22.

May I do any changes to fsel, and with which program do you changed it ...?
Excuse me, why the Demo version has the load option enabled (with NewTek's fsel) in IRIX 6.5 ?

The Demo perhaps is not the problem. Is it possible to send me the source (and the command for the compilation) to do it on my Mips3 processor, to check it if it works. Lightwave designed for Mips3 processors too, and it would be nice to run properly to newer Irix versions.
No problem with the save at this point, the load matters. Actually Lightwave tries to do something at "load" (CPU forces to do something) but fails.
Yes, If you could compile (for Mips3), it would be nice, to check it if this fsel works to my R4400.

And of course you could give our R4xxx a new life :D

Then I will inform you for the news. I think that Mips3 version should work nice to Mips4 processors, so you can keep this version for use with R4xxx processors and up.
Ok mia, no problem, as you had made changes to the code of fsel, do you remember with which file you had opened the file fsel ? (I mean with a text editor or with a decompiler ?).

Is fsel Newtek's part of Lightwave or it is an external file selector that can be replaced by an other file selector ?

(It's unbelievable that I cannot make use of Lightwave due to the file selector :lol: )
Hello Mia,
I bought my Indigo2 from a second hand and has the Lightwave pack installed (also it has the .tar distribution in a program folder). This version were working ok with it's licence, but the seller removed it for obvious reasons. So, the Lightwave 5.6 returned to demo version. Would you like to send you by email a specific file from the .tar distribution ?
Great job nekonoko,

Maybe is not the correct place to write my opinion for your forum, but it is the best I ever used. I am newbie to SGI scene with an Indigo2 R4400/250 and I am coming from Atari and Amiga scene. I have checked a lot of forums in the past. Simply, this one works and helps.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!

Now, lightwave 5.6 can work perfect with probably all Mips3 processors. I have already started do rendering. I do not have idea how fast are the new SGI processors, but my R4400 seems work at a great workable speed (with the programs of it's decaety and more recent). I have checked lightwave 5 in a P4 3.xGHz (the PC of my job) with a super graphics card, but has not nuch difference in use. Of course P4 is faster but SPACEFIGHTERS scene at 67th frame (640x480) with low antialiasing took 18 seconds to my Indigo and in the P4 it took 5 seconds (I noticed that in higher Antialising modes the difference is lower -who knows maybe Solid Impact does the job-).
To my old Amiga with a processor 68030/50Mhz with FPU this frame took 4.5 min :shock:
I am wondering if there is a remote desktop software from Windows XP side that could control Irix O.S. or the opposite, to a local network.
josehill, do you know something about the existence of "ported" tightvnc for mips3 ?
I found it, I will give it a try. The only sure is that I have remote desktop connection via Solaris 11 03/06 (at the logon screen). Let's try windows in the WeekEnd.

I will let you know.
deather, where I can find it to download it ? Is that plcae for downloading correct ?
latest release 11/6/06
I didn't do it work on an O2 too.
I also do not understand what's going wrong with the Blank screen.
I will try again, TightVNC
Sorry for the delay of my posts, I have started to a new job and I am sleeping at 11 p.m. :-) Of course I am still on my Indigo2 R4400 side !!

The truth is that I have downloaded all the packs for mips3 (since midnight commander, which is super - any GUI version of this great program ??) from the PC of my job to my 1GB usb stick !!

Today I noticed that you added perl ... etc. I will download them tommorow!

As my Indigo takes internet via "CCPROXY" of my old PC that has not a monitor (I am working it via VNC) and it is always on for emule, I would like to see:

a samba version with swat
a p2p client

Of course Geneatrixs' toolchest menu is completing day by day :-) probably his menu is upon your tardist distributions !!!

Codepages work well in Greek and of course English language. The speed of this Firefox version is enough good for a mips3 processor really.

Is it possible to have a shockwave or a flash plugin for Deer Park, to be able to view more complicated urls ?

Thank you very much and keep up the good work !!!
Hello to all that installed and used mips3 port for TightNVC.

Where may I change the config for running TightVNC as a server ? I mean where could I add a user and a password to be able to view Irix via a Laptop that runs RealVNC viewer ? Settings like screen also, where are they ?

Thanks but I installed it and it has not GUI or an html to setup my needs and I am not very familiar with unix enviroment... still learning
Can anyone post here the ROM of a real XVR-100 in a zip file to flash my ATI 7000 PCI 32MB ?

Thank you
Is this the ROM file that you are speaking coredog64 ?

Do I have to rename it to "something.rom" ?

Please write me the command line that I have to type to upgrade my ATI Radeon 7000 PCI Mac version to a XVR-100 card with the "dd".
coredog64: I have an ultra60 with Creator-3D. When I put my ATI Radeon 7000 PCI (mac firmware) as a second graphic card, I have not screen at Creator's connected monitor. I have also tested this with a PGX32 (as a first card) and ATI (as a second) and I have not screen at PGX's monitor too.

So, if you have the bios can you send it to flash my ATI card from a PC ?
Hello Neko,
What is happening with the porting of your Irix 6.5 mips3 packages ? Have you changed the downloaded directory ?

If you start building packages the first priority should be the samba and a config tool (like swat) for it and maybe the spreadsheet "Gnumeric" and a word processor like abiword. Thanks
Is it difficult for a mips4 package to be converted to work with mips3 processors ?
Ok, the good point is that we have an Internet Browser (FireFox) for our mips3 on Irix 6.5, but we are still far from mips4 dists.

Is it possible to bring to the light some more packages for mips3, when you find some time Neko ?
Hi, I have installed the package (both times) as a root, from the README instructions. I have added some new pictures into my backgrounds file (with the right click of my mouse).

I use Irix 6.5.22 (mips3 R4400 250, Indigo2 - Solid Impact 1280*1024 24 bit).

I can select (APPLY) a picture from the desktop->customize->background but I cannot see this to my background. I still can only see IRIX default backgrounds.

Do you have a solution for that ?
No, I have only Jpeg pictures in my indigo2 (and I am wating for the Next Releases of Neko, for mips3).

All other people here use tiff or gif pictures for their backgrounds ? ... because they say, they liked the script

I have to report that my other SGI O2 that runs Irix 6.5.29 has the same problem !! :cry:
Sorry, but the script still is not running here. I have Indigo2 (Solid Impact) with 6.5.22 and an O2 with 6.5.29 24bit desktop enabled in both machines, I have a lot of different pictures in different formats. The right click works, the picture goes to the backgrounds, but it is not working as a wallpaper.
The other Irix's backgrounds have no problem.

Please let me know If you have any idea what is happening.

Ok, I am not next to my Indigo2 right now.
I will check it in next days.

Yes, yes, try to fix it please as it is a super script :-)
... and thanks of course
Finally right click "add to the backgrounds", then the file .backgrounds has this * to the list inside.
Also: Desktop-> customize-> backrounds, checking this jpeg but the picture does not go to the background.

background "030.jpg"
default "-image 030.jpg"

My screen is at 24 bit color

I have already installed some of the beta packages that exist in mips4 section (nekoware) on my Octane.
I have searched various threads to find out if someone else has faced any similar issues after the installation of those packages.

The main issue I got is that in some apps like Abiword or X-chat, the fonts have been replaced by unreadable "square characters".

Among the others, I think I installed updated Pango libraries, fontconfig etc...
Do we have any solution on this or I have to rollback to my previous versions ?
Thanks a lot. I already installed the previous stable versions and everything works fine.

Just wondering, where is the new mips4 packages... why do we leave platform die ?
I would like to see recent browsers/clients/apps being ported to super Silicon platform.
Thanks to you, we have our MIPS3 systems up and running with recent Browsers / CD-Rec software / Alternative Audio Players... awesome work !!

My concerns are about earlier MIPS4 systems such like Octanes/Fuels/Tezros etc... which deserve to have more recent internet clients/browsers, a recent office application, flash/java plug-ins... if this could be possible.

I am sure this is a hard work, but the platform deserves it

If someone could teach me or could prepare a quick guide for building Mips4 packages.?.?. but for the moment I can only test packages to both platforms :mrgreen:
I am interested for a working Indy R5000SC, 24bit XL graphics board, 128MB RAM or more, in a good internal/external condition and a fair price.

Location: Athens
Payment: PayPal
Shipping: Post or Courier

Thanks for looking
Yes, I am interested, could you provide a couple of photos and a fair price for it ?
Payment sent
Indy's cover received broken (did not survive the shipping), but it is working after all.
I will find a new cover...

Thanks SAQ, the problem is that right side (around the floppy) totally destroyed and broke in more than 20 small plastic pieces :-( when I saw it I thought that the computer will not work... but luckily Mr. Indy survived.

I believe that only an Indy or an Indigo2 or a Sparcstation would survive.
I will give it a look this weekend to check if I can fix it as you say, what about to stick it with Logo ?
It's a kind of glue (enough strong to stick/connect two cars forever) :mrgreen:
could you re-enable the ftp server please ?
Sorry but does not have a /pub directory inside, so it does not work

Could you check ?
I am looking for new NVRAM chips for Sparcstation 20.

Thank you
SAQ wrote: You're best bet would probably be to open up the existing NVRAMs and add a battery. An old PC CR2032 holder will epoxy to the top of the current Mostek unit just fine.

Hi SAQ, there are different versions of NVRAM chips for various Sun models. The guide: I found about adding a CR2032 battery holder on the existing NVRAM chip is mainly for Sun Ultras and for some earlier models, not sparcstations.

SAQ wrote: If you need to reprogram your MAC and serial it should be stored in the system log at bootup. It's also a good idea to write it out somewhere on the chassis just in case, because these machines are all gettting old.

If I replace the NVRAM Chip, do I need to reprogram the mac address ? I thought that the system is reading it during the boot and stores it somehow.
Hi SAQ thank you very much for the info.

I am afraid I cannot find the pins that coming inside the NVRAM chip (due to the small pictures), but which of those M48T02 could I buy for use with SS20 ? ... Categories