Hardware Wanted

SGI Indy

I am interested for a working Indy R5000SC, 24bit XL graphics board, 128MB RAM or more, in a good internal/external condition and a fair price.

Location: Athens
Payment: PayPal
Shipping: Post or Courier

Thanks for looking

I have one available in The Netherlands.
The hinv can be found here: http://forums.nekochan.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=15394&hilit=ennO2

PM me if you're interested.

Yes, I am interested, could you provide a couple of photos and a fair price for it ?
Payment sent
Indy's cover received broken (did not survive the shipping), but it is working after all.
I will find a new cover...

If it is cracked (rather than pulverized) you can try using ketone (methyl ethyl ketone, MEK) to solvent weld it - most SGI plastics are styrene.

Assemble the top dry like a jigsaw puzzle and then bead the solvent down the cracks - it will wick into place.

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

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Thanks SAQ, the problem is that right side (around the floppy) totally destroyed and broke in more than 20 small plastic pieces :-( when I saw it I thought that the computer will not work... but luckily Mr. Indy survived.

I believe that only an Indy or an Indigo2 or a Sparcstation would survive.
I will give it a look this weekend to check if I can fix it as you say, what about to stick it with Logo ?
dir_marillion wrote:
Logo ?

Must be a EU-only product - I've never heard of it (assuming some sort of adhesive and not the UC programming language)

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

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It's a kind of glue (enough strong to stick/connect two cars forever) :mrgreen: