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I'm not sure they will work in an xbrick????
Is there any commercial or non commercial animation software that runs on the Altix 3700 Itanium2 processors? or is this beast ready for the recycle bin
I have rm5's, I'm in the us, so shipping cost could be an issue, $50usd if you want one plus shipping
I have 1 v12 available $400
$50 or best offer, plus shipping, will ship worldwide, but it can be expensive.
please email, [email protected]
$75 or best offer, plus shipping, will ship worldwide, but it can be expensive.
please email, [email protected]
I have 2 2x400 cpu's, $250 each mlus shipping
Any graphics software run on them at all?
I have a couple of pairs of the cables, one black, one white, $150 for the pair plus shipping, I'm in the US, Chicago Area.
2-3 pairs available
Anyone have one available?
Please PM me with offers
have it either way, $100 or $125 plus shipping
Anyone have one?
PM me please is you have one available?
@ $9500 it definitely went to a scrapper, they will pay about $800-1000 each for a fully loaded Altix rack
and more then double their money.
Found one, thanks to all who replied

the part number is 013-1589-002
Anyone have one from a rack or deskside?

PM with offers please.
US only, shipping would be a killer

If there is something you want to trade for,
I have o2, octane2 parts and lots of other sgi parts.
Does anyone know if there is an equivalent to irsaudit for the O3000 with graphics
I have a couple for 16x700mhz cx bricks with the serial number security turned off so you can add these to an existing system with out changing your serial numbers.
You can add to a o3000 system with an ibrick or ix brick, includes 16gb ram.
Looking for $1000 or reasonable offers, will ship world wide

PM please
I have a some 2gb mem kits, 2x1gb part number 060-1060-003
$60 per kit
will ship anywhere

Free US shipping on 2 or more kits
International shipping via USPS at buyers expense

PM please
I could not find irsaudit on the boot disk anywhere,
perhaps I need to do an fresh install with the graphics pipe installed
Looking for a 800mhz v12 fuel.
I don't care about memory or disk.

Anyone have one they want to part with?

How about just a 800mhz cpu?

PM please
Anyone have one to spare

PM please
use the solvent xylene on a rag, and rub it on the plastic, will take off paint and belt the plastic is put on and left on too long, I use it with a fan in well ventilated area, works like a champ, especially on indigo2m octanes, and o2's, careful on o2's
I have a 1/2 rack available, it contains a power bay, IX Brick, 2 cx bricks, total 32 x 700mhz cpu's, 32gb ram, quiet as a mouse.
Accepting reasonable offers
All must go to good home or wind up in a kill shelter ( scrapped)
No reasonable offer refused, will ship world wide at cost.

o2000 256mb dimms
graphics insert's for o3000 (no power suppley)
graphics insert power supply

all must go by end of year.
I have 3 avail
002 rev b indeed
I have a couple of dg5-2's available, $150 each
dg5-8 $200
ge16-4 $200
give us a hint, what kind of graphics do you want?
Anyone have one available?
pm please
Anyone need cash?, I need a v12 for a fuel
TeamBlackFox wrote: My friend is jealous of my setup, and wants a 600MHz card for his Octane2. If someone has one, he's tasked me with getting one for him. PM with price and shipping to ZIP 23227.

2x600 $520 with shipping, 1x600 $170 with shipping
what song did you sing for your fan?

Mine sells for cash, $35 plus shipping
I have a couple available $250 each or reasonable offer
best to PM or contact me at [email protected]
I have one available
$250 or best reasonable offer
PM please
I have a couple of 4x700 ipr3's available, 8mb cache version.
perfect for o350 or tezro.
Includes 4gb ram (8x512mb)

$250 each or reasonable offers

pm please
For sale:
2x800 ip53, $250

pm please
Several available, do not include power supply or cable
define reasonable cost?
I have 50 o2 sleds available
$10 each, will ship anywhere at buyers cost.
either or $20 each plus shipping, 10 of each are available.
located in Chicago Area.

PM or email [email protected]
Have piles of sgi stuff, I'm in northern illinois, PM or email [email protected]