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All MIPS processors have their boot ROMs located at 0xBFC00000, so yes, it will work. Incidentally, if you want to emulate an R5K Indy, just grab the boot ROM here: - it's off of a 150MHz R5K Indy. Fair warning, you might have to swap it for endianness, though. It's only in its current format because that's what my own emulator takes.
Stonent wrote: Which emulator do you use?

edit: Something MAME related?

Well, I'm not so much "using" an emulator as I am coding one. Currently Indy is on the backburner, what I'm really after is the R4K Indigo. It doesn't run well, but it's at least coherent enough to spit out this log ("loading ip204415.bin" is output by the emulator, the rest is from the Indigo):

And yeah, I'm using MESS's architecture to create an Indigo driver. MESS is the sister project to MAME, only it emulates computers and game consoles instead of arcade machines. Incidentally, I'm always looking for more PROM dumps of anything R5K and prior. I'm mostly looking for dumps from R3K machines, if only because the R3K is the most well-supported in MESS and MAME.

dexter1 wrote: Thanks Moogly for that info!

No problem! :)

EDIT: Well, I mapped in RAM at 0x00000000 and mirrored it at 0x80000000 and 0xA0000000, that got rid of those strange errors at the bottom of the log. I then kludged in the HPC's VME Interrupt Mask registers and LIO Register Mask registers, now it doesn't complain about the interrupt controller. Just fails on the SCSI controller diagnostic and Keyboard/Mouse diagnostic. :)
I stand corrected. So the R5000 is still MIPS32, then?
Well, that's a bit better:

Code: Select all

└D└`P┴[email protected]ü@└`P┴h
NVRAM checksum is incorrect: reinitializing the NVRAM.
Can't determine CPU speed

Running power-on diagnostics...

sc0 controller didn't reset correctly

Initializing tod clock.
setting secs=0 min=0 hour=0 day=1 month=1 year=0

Does anyone have any idea exactly how the HPC1.5 interfaces with the on-board WD33C93 controller? Apparently 0x1fb80120 and 0x1fb80124 can be used to both read and write from some place on the WD33C93, but I'm not 100% sure either way. All I know is that if it writes 0x00 to ...120 and a value to ...124, then when it reads ...124 it expects the value written to ...124, and if it writes 0x17 to ...120, then it expects 0xa5 to be returned on the next read from ...124.
That's exactly what happens to me, too. Incidentally, trying to run the swapped Indigo PROM that I have in gxemul (since it says it has basic IP20 support) just causes it to hang, waiting for something (I believe) in the MC. It's pleasing to know that even in its broken state, my driver in MESS is still better. :lol:
Here's a shout out to anyone who has one of the following:
- An R5000-based O2
- An RM5271-based O2
- An RM7000-based O2
- An R4x00-based Indigo 2

If you could hook up your machine via the serial console, and from the command monitor, run a "dump -w -x 0xbfc00000:0xbfc80000" in a terminal that supports logging, and then post a link to the log, I'd appreciate it.

And for anyone who has one of the following:
- Any R1x000-based machine (including Tezro or Fuel, for you lucky few)

If you could hook up your machine via the serial console, and from the command monitor, run a "dump -w -x 0xffffffffbfc00000:0xffffffffbfd00000" in a terminal that supports logging, and then post a link to the log, I'd appreciate it.

For reference, the former are candidates for emulationg in MESS - even if they're just skeleton drivers without functionality, it's good to have the stuff preserved - and the latter don't actually have CPU cores that would make them emulatable by MESS, but I file them under the "good to have" heading.
Thanks for the Indigo 2 dump! As for extracting the boot PROM image from overlays - nope, you can't. The appropriate file does indeed contain part of the upgraded boot PROM image, but it does not contain the entire image, and most importantly, it doesn't contain most of the actual bootup code (negating any usefulness it might still have).
Sorry to bump the old topic, but here's something you all may like:

The terrible brokenness is because I currently have a grand total of one (1) Newport graphics command implemented. But hey, it's better than I thought - I was just expecting to get the gradiented background when I implemented it. :lol:
Indeed. Oh, and incidentally, I implemented a second Newport command, and my coding partner fixed up keyboard support. You can find better screenies here:

Yeah, the "16MHz R5000" in the hinv is pretty funny, but then again, I'm not making the slightest effort to accurately emulate any timers, either.

EDIT: As for how fast they run emulated, currently the Indy is about as fast as the games emulated in MAME that run on the Midway Seattle hardware. That is to say, about two or three frames per second on an Athlon XP 2100, and you'd be lucky to get 10fps on a top-of-the-line PC. On the bright side, the 133MHz R4600 Indy runs at about 10fps on my Athlon XP 2100, so maybe it would be 20-25fps on a top-of-the-line PC.
I already have a good number of SGI PROMs dumped. Fire up an FTP client and go to:
Username: sgiproms
Pass: mipsinc

And see what's there. Please be gentle, as my friend's FTP is limited to 50k/sec upstream. As my goal is to emulate systems in MESS (MAME's sister project), they conform to an 8.3 naming convention, in the following form:

Where AAAA is a four-letter designation of the system type (I've decided on i1k, i2k, i3k, 4d20, 4d30, 4d35, etc., indg, idg2, i2pw, i2im, indy, chal, cham, chas, cmsn, octn, oct2, onyx, onx2, onx3, o200, o2k, o3k, fuel, and tzro), BB is a 2-digit designation representative of the CPU type (20 for R2000, 30 for R3000, 40 for R4000, 44 for R4400, etc), and CC is an arbitrary revision designation.

I'm quite interested in seeing what you yourself have dumped, is there any way you could set up an FTP?
Actually, indy5010 will run better than indy4613 if you rename it to ip225015 and run it under MESS - it goes far enough that you can fiddle about in the PROM monitor. I should know, seeing as I implemented the Indy driver in MESS along with another guy in the first place. It's interesting that hinv reports it as having a 16MHz R5000. I forget whether you have to byteswap the ROM or not, though.
The mouse currently doesn't work. Though now I'm tempted to implement more comprehensive VC2 support so that it'll at least display the mouse cursor. The way you need to operate the emulated machine is via the keyboard - the top option on the menu corresponds to the "1" key, the second option the "2" key, and so on. The PROM monitor is 5.
Hey Gerhard, any chance of you dumping the PROM for me? I can show you how via a serial cable. :)
Sounds good! Here's an updated PROM list:

Code: Select all

Personal Iris 4D/20:    Version 4D1-3.1 PROM IP6 OPT Fri Nov 18 14:56:48 PST 1988 SGI
Personal Iris 4D/35:    SGI Version 3.3.2 Rev A IP12,  Mar 13, 1991
Indigo R3K:             SGI Version 4.0.1 Rev C LG1/GR2,  Jul  9, 1992
Indigo R3K:             SGI Version 4.0.1 Rev D LG1/GR2,  Mar 24, 1992
Indigo R4K:             SGI Version 4.0.5D Rev A IP20,  Aug 19, 1992
Indigo 2:               SGI Version 5.1 Rev B IP22 Sep 16, 1993
Indigo 2:               SGI Version 5.3 Rev C IP22 Oct 20, 1994
Indigo 2:               SGI Version 5.3 Rev E IP22 Sep 28, 1995
Indigo 2:               SGI Version 5.3 Rev E IP22 Jan 29, 1996
Indy R4K:               SGI Version 5.0 Rev B6 IP24 Sep 28, 1994
Indy R4K:               SGI Version 5.3 Rev B7 R4X00 IP24 Feb 16, 1995
Indy R5K:               SGI Version 5.3 Rev B10 R4X00/R5000 IP24 Feb 12, 1996
Power Indigo 2:         SGI Version 6.0.1 Rev A IP26 Dec  9, 1994
Power Indigo 2:         SGI Version 6.0.1 Rev A IP26 Dec 23, 1994
Indigo 2 Impact:        SGI Version 6.2 Rev A IP28 Jun 10, 1996
Indigo 2 Impact:        SGI Version 6.2 Rev A IP28 Aug 26, 1996
O2:                     Tue Oct 22 10:58:00 PDT 2002 VERSION 4.18 O2 R5K/R7K/R10K/R12K IRIX 6.5.x

IP32prom IP32PROM-v4
Octane A ID1:           SGI Version 6.5 Rev 4.9 IP30 May 22, 2003
Octane A ID2:           SGI Version 6.5 Rev 4.16 IP30 May 22, 2003
Octane B ID1:           SGI Version 6.5 Rev 4.9 IP30 May 22, 2003
Octane B ID2:           SGI Version 6.5 Rev 4.16 IP30 May 22, 2003
Octane A & B are weird in that they have the same IDs, yet a binary compare yields many differences.
Origin 2000:            SGI Version 6.156  built 11:27:56 AM Nov 18, 2003

IP22 R4400 150MHz (256 bytes)
IP22 R4400 250MHz (128 bytes)

Additionally, I've got an R10k Onyx that I'm dumping the PROM of by traditional means. If any of you have an SGI machine whose PROM revision differs from the above listed, let me know, and I can tell you how to dump the PROM over a serial connection.

By the way, krafty, did you ever happen to dump the PROM off of that Crimson of yours? If not, perhaps the next time I'm down to West Palm Beach we could uncover the beauty and I could borrow one of the PROMs off of it for a friend to dump. Of course, that'll have to wait until you're done fixing everything up. :oops:
Alrighty. Just do a "version" in the command monitor and compare it against the list of versions that I have that I posted in the "PROM Archive" thread in the SGI Hardware forum, so you can save yourself the trouble of dumping it if it's already there.
"Big-Endian". And yup, I already have the PROM.
How much for an SI, SE w/ TRAM, and anywhere from 4-6 sleds?
10x SPARCStation 5
5x SPARCStation 10
1x SPARCStation 4
1x Ultra 1
1x Ultra 2 (with no CPU :( )
1x SPARCServer 1000
1x SPARCStorage array with 30 2GB SCA disks
Tons of SBus cards
Hey, Tee Dubleyah! Good to see you here, too. I still owe you a smaller version of the granite keyboard to replace the one I killed with that Indigo way back when - I'm flying up to visit Brian for a couple weeks once the project I'm on ships, and it just so happens that I have a small granite keyboard, so I'll bring one up with me. :lol:
4 wires is really all you need for serial.
What annoys me is that there are no true system specs and system details posted anywhere about the Pixar computer. :(
jnolck wrote: -The o2 has no memory, broken cdrom, no hdd's, broken skins. However it does turn on and the led stays orange.

I'll give you some pocket lint if you cover the cost of shipping... :lol:
Mostly joking, actually - I just don't have room for yet another SGI machine. :[
Rutrem wrote: 3D(Blander)

Fastest 16X PCI Express 256-bit Graphics! Intel Extreme Graphics3

What is this, some kind of Chinese or Latin computer knockoff? It'd explain the seemingly random mishmash of terminology and numbers. Not to mention that the only way the word "Fastest" and "Intel Extreme Graphics 3" will be used in the same statement is in "There is no way in f*cking hell that Intel Extreme Graphics 3 is the fastest".
For what it's worth, gmail has a f'ing spectacular spam filter. Out of the 20 or so spam messages I get sent per day, only about 1 a week actually makes it into my inbox. The false-positive rate is nonexistant, too. Good stuff.
starfoxacefox wrote: Well got my octane 2 and other crazy video card as show me up nice Vpro 6 wont work I try everything once again.

I really feel obligated to ask - is English a secondary language for you? I noticed that you list the USA as your location, but I'm wondering if you were born elsewhere.
kshuff wrote:
recondas wrote:
kshuff wrote: Try it with a set of digital heard mine ;)

I can't quite hear them here :wink: - what kind do you have?

I meant Dieter, he seen mine in person. I've got a set of Boston Acoustics BA790's, sweet.

Well, when my crazy grandmother finally kicks the bucket, I'll have to stop by your place. :lol:

(she lives in Allentown, I live in Orlando)
mmendez, I'm kind of curious, where did you get your avatar picture? I could have sworn it's a screenshot from this one Amiga demo that I can't remember, but I could be wrong...
VintageApollo735user wrote: I think I'll use a bios boot priority trick and install a separate hd for Solaris. Also, how does the x11 system do with an Intel Expreme 2?

Well, you'll have crap 3D performance, so you'll want to turn off any Vista Aero-like features of the given desktop environment you use, but it should be fine for everyday usage.
He probably meant to imply that Discreet, Adobe et al might consider maintaining an IRIX port if it were ported to a more 'popular' (please, no evangelists splitting hairs on that choice of terms) architecture.

Of course, this wholly ignores the issue of why a big-name post-production studio or other VFX / general CG studio would shell out gobs of money on 'IRIX86' licenses and 'IRIX86' ports of software that already works fine and has up-to-date ports on Linux or (god forbid) Windows platforms.
Okay, spill it, which one of you lives in metro Orlando and has that license plate? :lol:
I lost my job last week, and am moving back up to Tennessee this Friday to live with my family in order to cut expenses while I search for another job. Unfortunately, my family doesn't have room for my rather large collection of stuff, so the majority of it (with some exceptions) has GOT TO GO!

A full list of what I have would be difficult to put together, but off the top of my head, I've got:

About 10 Sparcstation 5s
A couple Sparcstation 10s
A Sun Ultra 1 (with no CD-ROM power cable, though)
A Sun Ultra 2 (no CPU)
Origin 2000 deskside with no skins (don't know the specs)
Origin 200 (unknown specs)
Assorted Indigo 2s, Indigo 1s, and Indys - mix-and-match to make a machine!
Onyx deskside - 512MB of RAM (I think), quad R10000 (though one of the four PROMs is missing), infiniteReality graphics!
Fibre Channel 30*2GB SCA JBOD
Miscellaneous OldWorld Macs
Miscellaneous PC parts
Miscellaneous SCSI and IDE hard drives / CD-ROM drives

Name your own price! No price is too low! Come on over to Orlando, FL and take some of this stuff off my hands before Friday, or the small stuff is going to Goodwill and the large stuff is going to the dumpster!
I guess I wasn't clear enough in the thread title, but all of this is FOR PICKUP ONLY. That is to say, if you want any of this, you have to be present in corporeal form at my place of residence. As you can imagine, I'm a bit busy to be shipping things all over the place, hence the "pickup only" stipulation.
Heh, no worries. The problem is mostly that I only have $60 in my account to last me until Friday, and it takes 3-4 days for any PayPal payments to transfer over into my bank account.