Hardware Wanted

02 -> Presenter cable needed

I need the cable to go from the Presenter interface card in an O2 to a Presenter 1280.

Please email mailto:[email protected] if you have such an animal.

=^_^= Tigerwolf
Hey, Tee Dubleyah! Good to see you here, too. I still owe you a smaller version of the granite keyboard to replace the one I killed with that Indigo way back when - I'm flying up to visit Brian for a couple weeks once the project I'm on ships, and it just so happens that I have a small granite keyboard, so I'll bring one up with me. :lol:
I'm also looking for same cable since I got the Presenter O2 card a year ago .... if anyone have one spare or knows where to buy one.. I'd appreciate a link.

thanks in advance.

:: jean-claude
:: mimgfx dot com
you also can add me on the "want this cable-list" :lol:

What i have ist an cable for the Octane.

Some weeks ago i looked for the pin-assignment of the connectors ...
It looks to me like an 68-pin SCSI-cable !?

Now we have to find out if an VHD 68-pin cable can be used to connent the presenter to an O2 ...