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I´ve got a SBUs VGA card (370-2298) and don´t know in which Sun computers it will work.

Can I put it in every Sun computer wit a SBus (also as 2nd graphic card?) and it should work and show the OB prompt?
pentium wrote: I don't see why it would not unless you have multiple video cards installed.

So to test if this card is still working I would need a computer w/o integrated video. Thanks, it´s like I thought.
So what do you want for the diskette + drive + shipping to Germany?
How much would be shipping to Germany?
Ok, then it is to expensive for me.
I just swapped my R5k 180 MHz to a R5200 300MHz and it seems this CPU does not support 1GB RAM. With the old CPU I can use all of the 1GB RAM, but with the new one I can only use 768MB.

I have a PROM V4.18, I think.

Does anyone know if this is normal and maybe how it can be fixed?
That´s interesting. I have 2 O2´s and in both I get only 768MB of 1024MB installed when I insert the R5200 CPU. One Board is newer than the other and for this newer board I don´t know the PROM version, but the older board has a PROM V4.18.

And as I said, it´s the same for both boards, with the R5k CPU I get the whole 1024MB RAM and with the R5200 CPU I only get 768MB.
Does anyone have an idea what I can do about it?
I hope that I can do more tests at the weekend. I´ve got an older board with PROM 4.18 and a newer board with PROM 4.14 or 4.15. Problem with the newer board is, I would need to get the board out of the "tray". Is this possible?

how much do you want for one board and can you provide pictures?
I´m interested. Does your 35$ price also include shipping to Germany?
I´m interested in the Alpha.

Do you have pictures? How do you want for the Alpha and for shipping to Germany?
I just tried the whole afternoon to install IRIX 6.5.22 on my Indigo R4400.

Before I installed IRIX on an O2 and it worked flawlessly. So I wanted to continue to my Indigo. But there it started with that the Indigo has a problem with my external CDROM (the id is wrong and every time at 1). So I tried another external CDROM and with this one the id was correct, I could repartition my harddrive.
Another problem is, that I can only start the installation when I first loaded sashARCS and fx.ARCS. If I don´t do this, ARCS cannot read from the CD.
If I then start the installation, ARCS copies the miniroot over (GUI) and then when it wants to copy over IP20 from the CD I get a read error, but the drive and CD work on the O2.

So what can I try to get it runnning?

Did anyone else also have such trouble getting IRIX on an Indigo R4400?
As I just have IRIX 6.5 it´s the only OS I can install at the moment, but wanted to try OpenBSD/NetBSD anyway.

AS for what I drive I´ve got, I need to have a look if it has the capability to switch to 512 bytes sectors.
I should give this a try for my other SGIs, but as the the Indigo has only AUI and I have no adapter, this won't work for me :-(
As I´ve not heard anything from him. I don´t think this is still available :(
I´m still looking for another CD-ROM drive, but have not found one so far. I also ordered an AUI adapter so that I can try to install IRIX over the network.
I just got me a Fuel and wanted to set it up. So I installed IRIX 6.5.22 (the newest version I got) and I got till 94% and it stood there for an hour or more and I did give up this installation and pressed the power button. Then a menu showed up if I really want to stop and screw the installation or if I want to go on. So I gave it a try and did go on and it worked, I could finish the installation.
Now when IRIX is starting up I only get till it says that no ethernet cable is inserted and then the same again, it stands there till judgement day :(

Does anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it?
Ok, I installed from CD. First I cleaned the disk with creating a new label/filesystem. The installer then asked for formating the drive, which I did.
Then the normal procedure in reading all wanted CDs and so on. I can give you a link to the guide when I'm at home.

I will look if I have another spare drive to test. But wouldn't the installer report any hdd problems?
I created a new label in the fx program. Then the installer started and said it need to format the drive and call mkfs.
So to be sure I have to install it once more and really clean the drive!?
Ok, so I started the installation again and I also changed the disk.

I use this guide:

But I use the 3 Overlay disks of 6.5.22, the application disk of 6.5.22 and the 2 foundation disks to install.

This time it hang by 51% and I pushed the power button and it went on. After getting to 94% it hang again (30mins) and I again pushed the power button, but as expecting the Fuel went off :(

So all I can say is, I tried 2 drives and both times it hang at 94%. So are my 2 drives defect, is the Fuel defect (and if yes what could be defect) or could it be that I install something wrong?

Is it possible to try another operating system like OpenBSD to check if the hardware is working?
Ok, sgistuff says the Fuel is supported by version 6.5.15 and wanted to give 6.5.16 a try.

What does IDE mean?

How can I test the hardware?
I had a Blade 1000 with 8x256MB RAM and 2 900MHz non CU CPUs.

Now I wanted to upgrade to 8GB RAM. I just put all the RAM into the Blade and the problems started. I always get memory errors when OBP tries to test the memory.
The interesting part is that it is always the same module, same side and same pin which is failing although I exchanged all the RAM. If I just put in 4GB RAM (4x 1GB) then all modules work.

The next thing I did was to exchange the board for a newer one (501-5938 to 501-6230) and I got the same problems. Now I tried just one CPU and 8GB of RAM and still I get memory errors. This time I get the same module, but different pin. I just exchanged the module and now I´m trying it with another working module.

What could be the problem? How can I figure out what the real problem is?
Ok, I fixed it. It was neither the board nor one of the CPUs it still was a defective RAM module :(