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edefault wrote:
Just curious:

is anybody planning to exchange a R5200 CPU with a R7900 to see if a patched PROM image will work?

And if yes, when eventually?


Count me in for first batch of RM7900, hopefuly...
I have RM7000 board but was hasitating to go for 600MHz since is not exactly cheap and I have already R12k 400 o2, so it's not big gain for me.
RM7900 move makes more sense to me.

waiting to see some 7900 benchmarks :roll:

phrosty-boi wrote:

this is what my O2 is running:
R5k 180Mhz
256mb ram

is the O2 what would be causing it to be slow or is there some way to get better performance from firefox on my machine?

Not likely with R5k 180 as Walther also stated.

But if you cannot change CPU you may change browser :twisted: - caution - with some trade offs.

I found usefull alternative for older boxes in Dillo, g-lenerz has precompiled version on , no support for frames and/or any fancy stuff but lighting fast on older R4k and R5k systems. Nekochan is not having frames, ebay and google either, for what more you may use browser nowadys. :wink:

Would be cool to have nekoware build, source is on .

With bit of touch of Fotez's magic could be maybe even faster but anyway it's well usable for very basic fast surfing.


PS. this message is contributed via Dillo 0.8.3 on IP22
Wonderful piece, right look and feel. Great work!

BTW while I was playing with CD Writer I come to interesting idea to extend functionality of CD Writer.

Developer toolbox ( ), which I cannot acces right now (bad sign) had CD mastering tools, with make_efs, dvhfile etc... this is what I have using to create efs (bootable) CD-s for years, there was even GUI based on Tk Perl, I have it instaled in late nineties on few systems but later due to specific Perl version depedencies was broken.

Would be absolutely great to add option for creating efs discs. If you need stuf from toolbox send me mail / PM. Fortunately I have local copy of CD mastering tools directory.


fzalfa wrote: Hello

i like to import vrml2.0 models with maya 6.0
but how to ?


There should be VRML 2.0 to Maya converter wrl2ma in maya/bin directory.

Code: Select all

wrl2ma -i file.wrl -o

hope it helps
I have Indy with Set Engineering 10/100 GIO card which was used for years with IPFilter as router between cable modem (built in ethernet) and LAN (Set Engineering card). Nice setup but at some point wireless went in game so I move routing on Netgear WGT624 wifi router firewall.
S1nn3r wrote: Anyone know if it is at all possible to boot and install IRIX on a Fuel with a mixture of EFS CD's(for the Overlay/Install Tools) and ISO 9660(for the Foundation CDs ?)

Or prehaps a way to boot/install from a set of ISO 9660 formated CDs with the dist's on ?

ISO 9660 is not supported in command monitor, period. In other words you have no chance to install IRIX from ISO 9660 burned CD's. Think that for Fuel you need 6.5.14 at least, once when you have IRIX installed you may use ISO 9660 burned overlays from Software Manager or run inst to perform updates.
denver wrote: Anybody have any ideas? This is a 175Mhz R10K, with 512MB memory, and a FC card (QLA2200).

My guess is unresolved timing issue with R10k 150/175MHz CPUs in o2.
Think that best what you can do is to look for R10k 195/250 or even better R12k 300/400 CPU upgrade. Which IRIX version you use BTW?
Hakimoto wrote: t'is not the end of the world, just the end of an era, after all more than just a few people around here have mirrors...

The end of world as we use to know it. :?
Well, the time is for local copy, anyone knows what may be size of complete Techpubs (IRIX 6.5 and HW at least), tared preferably. Seems that Developer Toolbox is gone as well.
Spidy wrote: Out of curiosity, for those in the know, how much hard drive real estate will a 30 minute standard camcorder video take up when captured to the O2?

Depends, but you may estimate slightly over 30GB for NTSC or slightly under 40GB for PAL uncompressed, compressed figures varying a lot.
denver wrote: Interesting. I didn't know there were timing issues with some models. But that could explain what's happening, including the way it's behaving during uncompressed capture.

I'm currently running 6.5.25f. Should have said that before.

I stated my guess not an authoritative answer. Regarding timing issue on early R10k o2's you may check sgi related newsgroups.
Also, note that later IRIX versions seems to have somewhat broken video support according to Ian Mapleson, his recomendation is 6.5.15 for video work on o2.
Wacom serial adapter for Mac works great with I series machines.
Part # STJ-A110 .

You can often reach 'em at ebay for next to nothing.
I using pair of stacked Aten Master View CS-104 with all my SGIs, no problem with mouse, but keyboard responds somewhat slow on some keys... What I would like to get is sharing of Wacom serial tablet via KVM since CS-104 has serial ports in addition to PS/2, however seems that thing works either with PS/2 mouse or serial input device but I didn't put much time in hacking this.

You may get CS-104 rather cheap from ebay, check link .
denver wrote: Well, I think your guess was pretty good. I don't have a newer R10000 (or R12000) system at this point, but I do have a 180MHz R5000. Uncompressed capture on that one works quite a bit better, although it is a bit sluggish responding to the "stop" button. But that's not really a problem, at least it does stop.

Glad to hear that you found solution. I noticed also that for some reason [stop] button takes a while to respond after capturing of longer sequence, and that behaviour seems to be unrelated with particular CPU type, I had this issue in past on older R10k and R5k boxes and also now on my R12k 400 and RM7k 300.
BTW you may also consider cheap upgrade with R5k 200 CPU, doubled (1MB) secondary cache makes difference.

denver wrote: I've since made a new system disk for that one with 6.5.15. I'm getting very good results going from the camcorder->O2->dvd.

Can you tell us more about o2->DVD workflow.
Looks as video out cable for Matrox G4x0 dual head series. Instead of second/third display one may optionaly run s-video or composite video out from second DB 15 port on G4x0. I have G450 PCI in my 320 for dual head and dual video out :shock: .
As lewis said to make use of this adapter video/tv output needs to be supported by GFX hardware.
TeoX wrote: EDIT: I just found on usenet that other people had this report problem with their mobo (006J vs 007B) and it could end up in PROM seeing the wrong mobo revision.So actually I could have a 007B not working with 1Gb of ram..

Is there someone here on the forum with a 320+1Gb rig that could tell me which mobo rev is using?

My system board is 117 rev B.
I dont know if this may help you but you have nothing to lose.
After upgrading to 1GB from 512MB (2x256MB) I had problem with random crashes after login in W2k, also sometime memory test at startup (POST) would fail reporting ECC error in particular bank, if I would proceede then system was booting with 768MB enabled and running perfectly stable. Nevetheless quite frustrating... so what I did, moved dimms in different slots of bank, one by one and after quite number of reboots system went stable in particular combination with full gigabyte. It may be easier to fix first bank A then proceede to bank B.
So put your 320 on desk without side cover and have nice long weekend :twisted: .
Any Nekochaner from .de willing to do little favor at

Need this ADB - KM switch, unfortunately seller dont want to sell outside Germany, even no to Vienna Austria.

Anyone may help me?


There's no place like Nekochan... :D