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directedition wrote: With the way things are going over here, I just might learn Dutch and join those ranks. The Netherlands are a sort of Mecha for hackers.

Why learn Dutch??!! If you ask me, you can get anything done here in the Netherlands speaking English. Personally I think it would be better if we just all learned only English and forget about Dutch...
It's the truth!
However to get it right I needed to send SGI an email: mailto:[email protected] following was the mail I wrote:

I read on several newsgroups that if I want to be able to download the latest maintenance releases of IRIX for development purposes that I should create a developer online account and then a surfzone account.
I failed to do this in this order. I had a surfzone account before a dev online account. Now the newsgroups tell me that you guys should be able to reset this so I would be able to download these newer overlays.

The account name I used on both services is "xxxxx" (without quotes)

Thanks for your help.

And it really worked for me, took about 2 weeks before I got a mail back however. Running IRIX 6.5.22m on my Origin 200 now :D
Happy Newyear to all

Snow doesn't seem to last here for now... roads and ground are too warm (snow melts immediately)... maybe tonight we get nice white roads :)
Personal I would go some Adobe route :) (well on Mac OS that is :) )

Adobe StreamLine (OS 9 could be helpful)
Or the combination of Adobe PhotoShop && Illustrator.
In photoshop you can Image->Adjustments->Posterize...
And make a less collored version of your image, then select a color with the magic wand (make sure "contiguous" is off)
then "Make workpath from selection" (button in Path's tab)
File->Export->Paths to Illustrator...
Open the exported file in Illustrator and enjoy :)
Whiter, I totally agree with you. The interface of SoftImage is VERY good, I was shocked to read the post by assyrix ;)
XSI's GUI is not that good, but I think the software has some very neat options... unfortunately it runs pretty bad on IRIX and looks totally wrong :) No wonder why they dropped it for IRIX.
I recently tried to build Berkely DB using MIPSpro for Subversion, everything goes fine until I run the subversion admin tools and it complains that Berkely DB isn't working correctly... I eventually gave up on it and downloaded the freeware version ;)
I've been working on a new setup on my server and after some problems I thought I had it working (finally!)... however gettext doesn't seem to work in my PHP setup.

I compiled all stuff myself, new Apache 2.0.50 server, PHP 5.0.0 and gettext 0.14.1 when running the configure script for PHP everything goes fine. It even compiles without problems. But when I run a simple test script:
gettext ("TEST")

I get a fatal error messages telling me: "Call to undefined function gettext()" :(

The problem is I have no idea what is going wrong. I'm positive that the "ext/gettext" gets compiled. Also that these functions are included checked the #ifdef, even removed quite a few of them so the code would allways compile but it just doesn't work :(

Anyone with tips on what I might be doing wrong, they are very much appreciated.
joerg wrote:
Well... looks like that php configure havent detected your gettext installation and have build php without gettext support. Which php extension currently available in your build a phpinfo() can show you.

Well I did everything to make sure they were compiled, tried shared stuff all of it...

joerg wrote:
After that you have these functions avalaible

At this point an eye goes to your
shrek wrote:
I get a fatal error messages telling me: "Call to undefined function gettext()" :(

all my gettext related function starts with 'libintl_*' which is completly wrong :| So please use get_extension_funcs('gettext') to see which functions are exists and drop a note for me.

My list:
25 [email protected] ~% /opt/apache2/php/bin/php
print_r (get_extension_funcs('gettext'));
[0] => libintl_textdomain
[1] => libintl_gettext
[2] => _
[3] => libintl_dgettext
[4] => libintl_dcgettext
[5] => libintl_bindtextdomain
[6] => libintl_ngettext
[7] => libintl_dngettext
[8] => libintl_dcngettext
[9] => libintl_bind_textdomain_codeset
26 [email protected] ~%

So they seem to be prefixed with libintl_ here to! That explains all. Well I write something around this now I know how to call the functions. Thanks very much for your help, and if you find something to strip the libintl_ for good... let me know!

Again thanx!
Thanks neko for metioning. It is indeed solved in PHP 5.0.1 which is running fine!
Well my work depended on it and I work for myself so I regular work through the weekends :)

Though I've got no time atm to make nice tardist of everything :)

BTW, is anyone familiar with "sprocsp" errors with PHP when you are using libraries compiled with MIPSPro's "-apo" flag? I've had quite a few of them and I have no idea how to resolve them aside from just removing the -apo flag during build of the library... (it happend to MySQL if I remember correctly and to the latest GD (graphics library).
assyrix wrote:
AGP cards despite having PCI-X slots

PCI-X != PCI-Express (PCI-E)

PCI-X is a 64-bit 66/100/133-MHz PCI bus used for highend SCSI controllers, Gigabit, uncompressed HD video etc.