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Dubhthach wrote: Xming as well:

Unlike Cygwin/X you just install an X-server and don't need any of the cygwin stuff.

zappa wrote: EDIT: I'm not sure about OpenGL support in it, anyway. Another option might be XWin-32, running in demo mode (a session can last 2 hours, then it mus be restarted)

XMing does indeed support OpenGL and GLX, but it's a bit buggy.

X-win32 does OpenGL and GLX, and it's reasonably stable, but it's incredibly slow.
Only AIX will run on any MCA-based RS/6000.
With 16M of RAM, it must be running AIX 3.x, as AIX 5.1 won't even boot with that little.

Do you have the key to the system? What happens if you put it in service mode? (the little wrench)
Vagabondo wrote: Hey pipeline, what do you do...

Interesting Avatar of Schistosoma Mansoni, do you work with these bugs?

No, I'm just a parasite.
sum][one wrote: I'm trying to remotely desktop login using Xnest... but seems not working.

was using Xdep32 on windoze .. and now that I moved to suse on my laptop i need something similar.. and tried Xnest.. but i cant get it working... it complaints about fonts that doenst find.. and maybe that's the problem... anyone have any idea?


Xnest takes the same arguments as the regular X server binary. Try "Xnest :15 -query remotemachine" -- that will issue an XDMCP query to "remotemachine", and give the Xnest screen the display number ":15"

Note that the IRIX desktop really, really sucks under Xnest.

Another proviso: the CDE desktop will just go down hard due to missing fonts / aliases. While it's not possible to use the CDE fonts under Linux (due to their bizarre format), you *can* get a fixed set of font aliases so the thing doesn't crash, even if it does look funny.
joerg wrote: For single apps or a desktop without a background and icons you can use normal X. (needs an xserver like exceed or win32.)

If you edit the XDM configuration, you can get the whole desktop with desks + backgrounds + icons over regular X11.
sum][one wrote: now my laptop have fedora.. and i was supposed to use Xnest... but i got black screen ... anyone have any idea why?

Because Fedora sucks ass -- it's a bleeding edge beta. It uses, whose Xnest binary is totally, completely broken. (Many things are broken in;

Su to root, then run "X -query sgihostname", using the regular X binary to start the server on a different vty.
badapple wrote:
So, can any XFS experts point me in the right direction? What values should I be setting the physical raid stripe/block and XFS filesystem variables to? Should I align the values on the hardware and filesystem exactly - I'm more used to ext2/3 filesystems and '-R stride= x '.

The defaults are the defaults for a reason. I'd just leave it the heck alone.
pentium wrote: Will there be any problems installing AIX 1.3 on a Model 55 SX with a PureData network card and a 160Mb ESDI drive?
I have one kicking around and I find it's not good enough for OS/2.

You need a real 386/486 to run AIX. An SX won't cut it.

You can run supposedly AIX 1.x on ISA PCs, but they have to be 100% IBM compatible, and AIX doesn't support any non-MCA network cards.
dragon_cb_cz wrote: All of them have SCSI controllers and SuperVGA MCA cards, some of them have TokenRing cards, I even got one Ethernet card with them and four others are on their way (hopefully). What surprised me, they're not as noisy as I imagined them - in fact, they're more silent than my Model 65SX. I don't have much time to play with them right now (exam period at school), but I'll keep you informed how it goes. I really look forward to running AIX on these!

Sounds like you found the motherlode.

Look at your ethernet and TR cards very carefully. 100 mbit cards are fairly uncommon, and they can go for quite a lot of money on e-bay. (Conversely, 10 and 4/16 cards aren't worth a bent nickel.)