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Hwy 101 on Wednesday

I was going north from San Jose on HWY 101 on Wednesday - I saw they closed 101 for a while, I guess that was because the President was visiting Facebook...
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That guy is a pain in the ass sometimes.

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skywriter wrote: That guy is a pain in the ass sometimes.

Hope that was just a figure of speech :D
Actually HWY101 is my Bete Noire at the moment, Sunday night I landed at SFO, collected my hire car from Avis and drove down to San Jose. Got about 10 miles south of SFO when I (likely) hit something on the road and it destroyed the tire, I managed to pull over to the edge of the road, the rear tire was shredded, only smoke and some rubber left... looked in the trunk - instead of a spare Avis had a can of emergency tire filler. This is not much good without a tire!! I called they emergency roadside assistance number....After 2 hours a tour truck turned up and took me to San Jose airport Avis....well that was the plan but the height restriction on the rental car lot ment he could return the car! After another hour of goofing around I finally managed to get another rental car...... I am NOT impressed by Avis or HWY 101).......
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maxsleg wrote: I am NOT impressed by Avis or HWY 101).......
Sorry to hear about your troubles - but hope the closure was transient. Be passing through there pretty soon on the bike on my way to take a right at Puget Sound.
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Highway 101? Oh, it's an american thing. Nevermind, have a nice day.
Every time I end up on the 101 I remember why the train is there.
Over this last weekend, I just did a little drive down The Great Ocean Road (*) with a car from AVIS(**) ... Its just like that section around Big Sur, CA but for a few hundred miles... oh and with signs saying "Drive on the left side in Australia" every few dozen miles.


* Victoria, Australia.
** No problems for me... it was a nicer and newer car than what I normally drive..

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For what it is worth, the 101 is a trailing economic indicator. So if you're not stuck in traffic during expected rush hours be afraid, be very afraid, esp. if you're a tech worker.
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