The collected works of stek1961

Well, my return to Irix after a hiatus of about three years and I already want one of those 500 Euro Fuel's on ebay - Germany Calling!

So: I have the following stuff in my store of stuff collected over the years, and transported about the UK with me moving a lot with work......

SGI Stuff

One 02 A/V module with Moosecam - was working when pulled but as I've been 02-less for 4 years or so.........

One Miranda Vivo, no cables, never tried it, came with my first 02, ahh, happy days!

8 off boxed new SGI small form UK granite keyboards and mice with all packaging, docs, ps2 extension cable and plastic bags. Never used, bought to sell, never bothered....

Now I also have three Octanes, obviously worth bugger all nowadays, but might be worth a bit in parts, so PM me if anything grabs you.......

1 dual 195, 1gb RAM, three sleds, MXI gfx. Skins very good. Light bar works! Original bulbs!

1 single 195, 512mb RAM (from memory!), one sled, MXI, skins good

1 single 195, only good for parts, couple of small RAM sticks, one sled, poor skins. Xbow is buggered on this.

One Indigo2 195 Solid Impact, purple feet, 512mb RAM, poor skins. In fact, this baby fell once off the desk and still works fine! Obviously looks crap probably worthless.

Ohh, some octane speakers, several sgi video cables, and two SGI 21" monitors, one having an unbelivably good picture!

Sun Stuff

Dual 750 Sun Blade 1000- keeping this tho, just letting you all know!

E450, 4x300 cpu, 3gb RAM, DDS3, CD-ROM, two extra backplanes, two extra scsi adapters, cabled up for 20 disks, 20 disks included all with sleds, must be 200 quids worth of spud sleds at Ebay prices! Also 3 PSU's. This is monster, actually quieter than an Octane, weights 70kg so better off parted out I think.....sad to see.....

8 or so SunRay 100's, with keyb and mice, my daft idea for a portable training network.....

No prices, no idea what the oddball stuff is worth, PM me if interested!

Stuff is located UK postcode BL4, close to Manchester, not worth shipping the bulky stuff, anyone is free to come and look and test, even play and i'll put the kettle on.

I forgot - I also have two presenter boards for Octane that have the little so easily lost cable protectors.

sincil wrote: Ouch, after no-one selling any cheap sgi gear around near me for ages, bloody typical it pops up when I am due to move in a few months.

Would love to liberate some stuff off you, but unfortunately my common sense is saying no. :cry:

No worries, I just want a Fuel, although reading up I'm having second thoughts. You see I have a Sun Blade 1000, and it's fast really, CDE is fast but shit, Gnome and KDE either crash, don't work mostly or are are dog slow, makes all this super-hardware crawl. Really.

After skirting around all the unixes inc clones like Linux, 4dwm is still light and fast, just needs a few beautifications cos I hate italic fonts and I'll be happy. I have an Apple G5 but I'm not happy with it? I don't really know why!

So I'm hoping a Fuel will give me top level IndigoMagic responsiveness and not have to wait for 30 secs for the Firefox window to come up after I click the icon,

Yeah I know, get a PC, but I do work in the unix field, command line 99% of the time - just I like a quite effiecnt lag-free browsing experience when I need it.

Some luucky bastard in Germany won a Fuel for 130$ on ebay completed auctions!

In repsonse to PM's I've pulled all the memory and here's what I've got:

Kingston KSG-OCT/512-CE - two in kit

Kingston KSG-OCT/256-CE - two in kit

SGI Part 9470168 - four sticks all together

SGI Part 9470178 - two sticks

SEC KMM379S803AT-G0 - four sticks

DATARAM 62614 BO - no idea what this is was installed singly in my fist Octane!

Can anyone tell me if they are specific to this model or can I use from other models? I suspect the latter but Ebay is revealing millions of different types of IBM Drive trays and I nearly won the wrong ones!

Or if anyone has any spare ones...

paulfred wrote:
I have a 9111-285 and a 9114-275 and can swap trays between the two computers without any problems.
Unfortunately I have no spare ones at the moment...

What's your address and what time's are you out?!!!
zmttoxics wrote:
stek1961 wrote:
paulfred wrote:
I have a 9111-285 and a 9114-275 and can swap trays between the two computers without any problems.
Unfortunately I have no spare ones at the moment...

What's your address and what time's are you out?!!!


I think you misread him.

I didn't actually, it was my pathetic attempt at humour!

I was going to rob him!

psergiu wrote: Hello all ! Thank you all very much for your replies.

I finally managed to:
- get an USB-Serial adapter 100% supported by OSX (connected though an old 25-9 adapter from a serial mouse)
- upgrade the ram from 16 to 64 Mb (found a bag of IBM 8Mb parity SIMMs at a flea market)
- find a SCSI cdrom willing to boot (Plextor UltraPlex 40max)
- replace the original 1Gb disk with a 2Gb one (will be replaced with a larger one later)
- boot from the CD (key in service mode)

I installed AIX 5.1 (minimal install), the installation progress reaches 96%, (Creating boot image.) it reboots from the hdisk0, but instead of the Installation Assistant menu i get:

Code: Select all

AIX Version 5

(C) Copyrights by IBM and by others 1982, 2000.

Console login:

if i try to login as root it will dump me straight back to the login: prompt - no password asked.
after typing furiously root i maganed to make him spit out something like:

Code: Select all

Console login: root
*                                                                             *
*                                                                             *
*  Welcome to AIX Version 5.1!                                                *
*                                                                             *
*                                                                             *
*  Please see the README file in /usr/lpp/bos for information pertinent to    *
*  this release of the AIX Operating System.                                  *
*                                                                             *
*                                                                             *
Last login: Sun Jun 17 02:36:49 CDT 2007 on /dev/tty0


AIX Version 5

(C) Copyrights by IBM and by others 1982, 2000.

Console login:

... it gave me the # prompt for about 1/2 of a second then back to login: :x

I booted then to Maintenace -> Access a Root Volume Group -> #
passwd -> changed the password -> no luck
install_assist -> Accepted all the licences, changed the root password & timezone -> i still get the dreaded useless login:

Help :cry: AIX hates me :( And as AIX 5.1 is the only one i could find ...

Thank you !

I've got three 7028-6C1's here, dual 450's, 4gb RAM each, trying 5.1 on them all, all exhibit the same as above, ie looping root prompt, no password asked, no config assist...

I think from reading t'internet it's something to do with my serial cable I'm trying to install over, something about not be able to spawn a proper terminal?

Anyway, if anyone knows how to get around this please tell me!

I have 5.3 too, but my microcode is too low, and I can't get a prompt to update it!
I slapped it on my Ultra 45 which as been largely switched off while I toyed with my new toy - an IBM pSeries Intellistation 285.

It has an XVR-2500 and I eventually got it working, but it has mouse artefacts occasionally, and the box is soooo slloww compared with the Intellistation....
We have hundreds of V440's are our place - PSU's are always failing and Sun (Oracle) want £700 for a replacement if not under contract!

Also we see a lot of T2000 boards failing so I'd stay clear of those.
The answer to this is cable, cable, cable.

I was using one of those Cisco RJ45 to serial leads - that was the issue, tried with proper serial and null modem adapter and all works as should!
1. ssh is on the second DVD (I think) Pretty sure bash is on there too.

2. ksh is ace! You need to set your editor to vi and all your vi commands work...

set -o vi

Command history is esc-k, command completion is esc-\, esc-x to delete a character etc.......

3. ssh above includes ssh

4. Aside the fact that smitty is for girls, you can download (for now) updates via 'smitty suma', if a girl, or just 'suma' if a real man.

5. The LVM and BOS are the main things I love about AIX, LV's are deliberately kept small to enable reasonably sized mksysb's - application data should be kept in separate VG's This results in a box that can recovered in 15 mins from DVD, tape or NIM.
Have you got the BladeCentre cage and Management Modules too?
I have two 285's - one was brand new in a box - £150!!

Anyway, they will connect to HMC but as was said - no real support for virtual console plus IBM won't sell the VET code to enable PowerVM. Still if you want virtualisation on it, WPAR's work tho not quite the same - more akin to Solaris Zones....

Don't bother with any graphics, CDE is ok but both Gnome and KDE look awful and half the things don't work.

I summary whilst these boxes are easily the fastest proper Unix Workstations you can buy, they are useless for desktop use. Oh, and both mine a dead quiet, nice low hum that's all.
One word - ZOC...