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Take a look at the following article:

I remembered it for the following quote:

"Just ask SGI. They sold 29 Itanium servers in the first quarter and then 26 systems in the second quarter. Compare this to Unisys which sold 7 Itanium servers in the first quarter and then managed to sell 6 servers in the second quarter. Wait. Those numbers are trending down."
assyrix wrote:
IIRC the company has made a loss every year since 1998 , and in every report from 1998 they have sprouted a different blurb on how to resurrect their sales - with no discernible effect.

Trial-and-error. They're bound to stumble on the ultimate business method by accident and when that happens, oh boy, PROFITS!
hey, I'm getting closer with each post :) -- where Linux is a four letter word.
Surprise, surprise, I just ran into a couple of Nallatech guys at a booth in a conference (well actually there were about 10 booths..). Seems like 7 Virtex FPGA's have the power of 60 Xeons, so SGI is going to kick some butt :) . And watch out for next your when 'Transformer' is coming out, this would be the second non-beta generation, one can at least expect SGI to have the decency to last that long :) .

And these FPGA-thingies are not SGI-specific, you can also buy cPci, VME, PCI, PCI-X boards. Looks like you can write for this in C, it sure looked nice (no, they weren't serving beer). -- where Linux is a four letter word.
Just got a new Alpha today. But it seems I also have this problem, for licenses there's only "OSF-USR" installed according to the tool. I'm also still on Digital Unix 4.0 :) .

Looks like the graphics card isn't too hot either for a supposed CAD workstation, it's a pbxgb-a. At least I got RAID-5 :) . -- where Linux is a four letter word.
IIRC you can do all kinds of stuff parallel on a FPGA and the software automatically does this. The Nallatech software (and other software reported) makes it supposedly easy to program the FPGA and to reconfigure it for whatever calculation you want to do. DSP's are also still used. -- where Linux is a four letter word.

" can be combined with breakthrough Silicon Graphics® Kelvin™ cooling technology to pack more than 10,000 cores into a single rack."

This is somewhat different than the first article which speaks of 5000 dual-core atoms in 3u and 5000x8W=40kW also in the same 3u :) .

edit: Shouldn't do math after 22.00 :) -- where Linux is a four letter word.
Yes, I've got many years of experience with Intergraph systems.

I'm still using an Interpro 125 as bedside table and it's doing it's job admirably. other than that it's complete rubbish, I have the disks to re-install the system but when loading the OS it goes into screensaver mode and just stays there. Never was able to solve that.

2700 series should be a nice machine with the latest Clipper processor, I used to have a couple 2200-series machines with all documentation. I think the last one was sold to some guy in Spain. IIRC you need a special keyboard and mouse, monitor should be pretty standard. The system should show a ROM menu when powered on, even without OS installed. What kind of video output does your system have? I think mine was 13W3 but with a non-standard layout. I used to have a 20" monitor with metal casing (bullet-proof?) which weighed about a ton. I kept that with the system, so it probably didn't work with a standard monitor. Good old days :) -- where Linux is a four letter word.
Just found a couple of things while cleaning up a bit. Looks like I still have a complete(?) set of installation CD's. There should be documentation on them, but when I browse the disk I can only see installable program files so it's probably only useable if you already have a system running. -- where Linux is a four letter word.