The collected works of Isogul


I've scanned some old SGi Product Guides, if some wish i can post many more!

I hope its ok to post the images?

Nice,ok here is Onyx2 enjoy! :)
I made many screenshots from the first and best viper season 1994!

Enjoy! :)
Yes no problem! :)

My favorite series too,but the mastertapes for the german DVD Box are only in composite format! :(

Btw,the AT&T Plublic Phone 2000 is really cool!

Here a new scans, its from a SGi magzine, enjoy! :)
Nice! :)
Yes,no problem!

I have some other stuff too,i want to make more scans if i have time.

I have many wavefront stuff and the SGI performer magazine,but that is only in german,but i want to scan too.

Hi! :)

Here a an interesting wavefront article about the Columbia Pictures logo animation in the 90s!

Enjoy! :)
Here are new scans Studio V7 Allias Wavefront! :)

First,the most material to scan is in a good quality.
I'm using an older Canon CanoScan 8400F and this only in 400dpi modus.
After scanning, all images are imported to Corel Photophaint X4.
In Corel, I'm processing each image separately, like denoising, remove moire or scratches, adjust contrast/colour etc.
All images are saved to TIF oder TGA,after resizing to 2k horizontal resolution, this is enough for the source material.

For the forum to post, I'm export the images to JPG with 4:4:4 (its a important point for jpeg) in a fair quality.

Regards :)

Here are the first 20 sites from this magazine!

Enjoy!! :)
Yes,no problems! :)
I want to post the other 10 sites soon.

I have 3 or 4 others from this magazine,but not scanned at the moment.

Here the rest from the magazine!

Enjoy! :)
I have only the Performer from 09/1992 , 12/1993 and 09/1994!

Do you know from which version is this page?

Hi! :)

Here is a short brochure.

No problem! :)

Btw, I've found a cool Onyx Infinite Reallity Demo:
Hey guys!

I've scanned some Wavefront stuff, enjoy! :)

Hey guys, here are new scans! :)

Here are 2 scans from this software!

Enjoy :)
Hey! :)

Here are new scans...enjoy! :)
Bonus! :)
Hey guys! :)

Here is a short videoclip about Studio 21 with a example to make some effects from the Star Trek Voyager opening!!!

Enjoy! :)
There is nothing on the originial video in the beginning with particles, I don't know why!
May be bad captured to tape for 15 years from screen?

It was on VHS and was captured 1:1 as DV-AVI and a little bit enhanced before upload to Youtube!

Hey guys!

I'm back again with new scans, enjoy! ;)
Hi guys!

Here is a nice advertising rendering clip from an old PC manufacturer called MIRO!

It looks not bad,with a excellent sounddesign.

My question, it looks like Babylon5 CGI, is this rendered with Lightwave?

I think its has a really cool renderdesign on some scenes! :)

I think, some scenes like in the tube, are very nice and its the typical Lightwave renderinglook! :)

Why don't show current games like this or like Babylon 5? :)
Here is CGi Game Intro made with Softimage 3D
Yes and it looks very nice and the sounddesign is realy cool! :)
Hey! :)

Here is a SGi Indigo2 Poster, it was difficult to scan, but looks good! :)

Hi! :)

here is a 50FPS Version from the Onyx Infinite Reality Demo

Works only with Html5 in Chrome or IE11 Browser!
Hey! :)

Here is the next SGI 50FPS Video, Cosmic PInball

Enjoy! ;)
Hi :)

I have a little more time at the moment for new scans and to restore the pictures ! :)