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Hey guys!

I've scanned some Wavefront stuff, enjoy! :)

If only it were as easy to create those kind of graphics as they make it sound! I've got Maya 6.5, which is ten years down the road from what they're touting here, and believe me, it still ain't... :mrgreen:

Movin' on up, toooo the east side
World domination! Or something...
Hey guys, here are new scans! :)

That's very interesting, beautiful imagery and great quality scans as always. Thank you very much!

:Tezro: :Indigo2IMP: :Indigo2:

• Offering various remaining systems and parts, several interestingly compatible with both IRIX and OpenVMS ( AXP and I64 );
• Looking for an SGI O3000 IP59 1-GHz MIPS R16000 quad-processor node board (for a Tezro).