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Alias Studio V7 - Scans

Here are new scans Studio V7 Allias Wavefront! :)
Another great series of scans, thanks!

I think I'll start scanning my materials as well.

:Tezro: :Indigo2IMP: :Indigo2: Image Image Image Image Image

• Offering various remaining (system) parts, many compatible with IRIX and OpenVMS AXP / I64 ;
• Looking for an SGI O3000 IP59 1 GHz MIPS R16000 quad-processor node board (for a Tezro).
Beautiful! You scanned these from a magazine? Do you mind telling us what kind of scanner and what scan settings? I've been trying to scan magazine pages for years with my HP Scanjet 6300C and never came up with a way to make them look as good as these...

First,the most material to scan is in a good quality.
I'm using an older Canon CanoScan 8400F and this only in 400dpi modus.
After scanning, all images are imported to Corel Photophaint X4.
In Corel, I'm processing each image separately, like denoising, remove moire or scratches, adjust contrast/colour etc.
All images are saved to TIF oder TGA,after resizing to 2k horizontal resolution, this is enough for the source material.

For the forum to post, I'm export the images to JPG with 4:4:4 (its a important point for jpeg) in a fair quality.

Regards :)
Being without any Windows machines I don't think Corel is an option for me... :oops:

For denoise, is that anything like despeckle? I always despeckle magazine images but GIMP doesn't have a denoise option (but it does let you play with HSV and RGB noise values). Usually I use GIMP's "auto" setting to adjust the color levels, that seems to work pretty well, and my scanner has an autodetect for contrast that works nicely. I've tried innumerable dot-per-inch settings, which I think is really important for magazine images since if you scan too many you can really see the ink dots, ideally you'd know exactly what magazine publisher printed the image at and use that, usually I start at 300 and work my way up or down depending on how it looks. My scanner creates TIFF's; when I convert it to jpg I set quality at 85 percent. For example this is about as good as I can get, Morgan Pressel at the 2005 US Open scanned from the United States Golf Association tournaments magazine: