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I've just seen the new Final Fantasy movie Advent Children. I haven't played the game series so I came to it cold. I saw the first movie but i know it has nothing to do with the games (or the second movie). All i can say is WOW! Easily the best CGI I've ever seen. Makes the first one look like tom and jerry ;)

It probably makes a lot more sense to people who are familiar to the universe but i enjoyed it anyway. wonder if they used SGI machines on this one?
VenomousPinecone wrote:
Bluefan wrote: Getting a sgi to work is indeed pure fun :wink:
And once they run, it's fun using them

Surely that was part of the magic for me. Despite everyone saying you could buy a complete working system for less money, I purchased a lot of as-is Octanes on ebay for about 20-40 USD each. For me it was like working with some ancient alien technology, so vastly different from all of my other hardware experiences in every single way.

The sound, the lights, the boot chime... I almost half expected it to release steam from its vents and begin to hover slightly off my work bench.

You mean that yours doesn't do that ?
Bluefan wrote: The octane has the vents, but it won't hover, its rocksolid :D

Don't wanna be around when that one starts hovering...Who knows what's going to happen

Kinda like when the Daleks started floating ?
Bluefan wrote: Hey Ben, looks nice!
At home I always hear complains that I have too much computers (2x O2, octane, origin200, 2x pc, what's the problem?)
but if I can hide them like you, I can stuff the house full without anyone noticing it :lol:
And you're right, every home should have one :wink:

I'm lucky because my gf is a geek too. She regularly leaves her two pc's on all the time. I fitted extra fans to them for two reasons:

1. the house gets VERY hot in the summer due to the position of the house in relation to the sun (it hits us directly all day)

2. to cover the noise that my Octane makes :)

She doesn't mind me having a room full of computer gear. My SGI count is five at the moment. I'm thinking of getting a purple 10k I2 because they look good :)
I only have my Ultra 30 and a Sun monitor. I use to have two SS20's but had to get rid of them when I moved. Should have kept them ...

I'd like a Blade 1000/2000 later this year.

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