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Hello all,

I am interested in learning to program for Irix and ? I have an Octane 360 with 2 gigs of RAM and Irix 6.5.22m. I also have a copy of MIPSpro C compiler. Can you describe what else I would need to begin learning. Do I need a copy of C++? Is this pretty expensive? Is there any good books or reference for learning? Any help is appreciated

How about C++, look on ebay?

Thanks for the info.
So as I am trying to piece together my puzzle here is what I have done so far. I have downloaded GCC which I believe is the front end - correct me if I am wrong - now I need some sort of compiler for opening and closing the source code - please excuse the simple wordage - looking through my software I found a CD labeled, "Compiler Execution Environment 7.3 for Irix 6.5 - 6.5.4". Is this something I need? I also have MIPSPRO C Compiler but it is for Irix 6.4 I believe. Would this be the compiler I need but in a 6.5 version? Thanks for all your help.

I am running 1.6a1 and all seems well, no errors. I do not see the dancing Duke though - no red X but no dancing Duke?
Has anybody loaded Flightgear as described on there site and still received an error like this, "unable to map soname". Am I missing am library or do I need to point flightgear to this?

Well I reloaded everything and made sure there where no older versions of flightgear. Tried fgrun with same error. Next I tried straight fgfs which loaded and ran perfect. I was able to fly and even land but pretty choppy frame rates. I clicked the show fps in the view menu but nothing shows on the screen when flying. My system is an Octane2 425Mhz w/ 2 gigs of ram and V6 graphics. I will keep experimenting also trying the commands limiting graphics. Flightgear is a very nice simulator, hopefully we can figure out how to optimize on SGI machines to get better playability.

Here ia a performance update. Citation II - San Fransisco AP - 2000' Alt - --Fog-fastest - default menu items, ie..view etc - avg 5 fps, cpu @ 45% - gfx @ 50-55% - memory @ 10% - These are usages per the system monitor. Over the Pacific Ocean I am getting 17 fps with moderate clouds. Sure wish I could get 17 fps over land - really like the sim!

Point being though is that cpu, gfx and mem usage isn't high - pretty moderate actually.

Just bought a Samsung 940BF 19" Flatpanel from Fry's - $379.00 USD. Works great on my Octane2 V6 Gfx. KVM switch installed also so wife can switch to her PeeCee.
Any idea what this error is? Everything running fine then I restarted and get this???

GUI RPC bind failed -1
GUI RPC bind failed -1
gstate.init() failed -180

Tried a few of your suggestions.

I am assuming that you are using the app_info.xml I included in the archive.

Yes I am.

It is possible that the seti client can't start up. Have you tried starting the seti client from the same shell you have used to start the boinc client ?

Tried running Seti by itself and yes you are right it does not start like it should. I get this error even after verifying Neko openssl is loaded and adding a setenv library path variable to its location.

Code: Select all

Octane 5% ./setiathome-5.12.mips-sgi-irix
15143:./setiathome-5.12.mips-sgi-irix: rld: Warning: Version search suppressed in ./setiathome-5.12.mips-sgi-irix because version (sgi0.9.7) of object in liblist is not an sgi interface version.
15143:./setiathome-5.12.mips-sgi-irix: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/lib32/

Thanks for your help.

wow! Thanks nvukovlj for the Tardists - now I can keep some more hair on my head. The Octane is crunching as I am typing. Your work is appreciated.

Anybody know why patch 7110 is not available to everyone who has access to download .30?
Hello all,

I am trying to make darn sure my Fuel is secure as my port 80 is open to http calls. I have been reading documentation about inetd.conf but am afraid to shut down some of these services. Do any of you have services in inetd.conf commented out? Below is my current inetd.conf file. I uncomment the bootp and tftpd lines when I am net booting. Any insight is appreciated.

ftp   stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/etc/ftpd   ftpd -l
telnet   stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/etc/telnetd   telnetd
shell   stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/etc/rshd      rshd -L
login   stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/etc/rlogind   rlogind
exec   stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/etc/rexecd      rexecd
finger   stream   tcp   nowait   guest   /usr/etc/fingerd   fingerd -L
# http   stream   tcp   nowait   nobody   ?/var/www/server/httpd httpd
# wn-http   stream   tcp   nowait   nobody   ?/var/www/server/wn-httpd -f /var/www/conf/httpd.conf
sgi-dgl stream   tcp   nowait   root/rcv   /usr/etc/dgld   dgld -IM -tDGLTSOCKET
ftp   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   /usr/etc/ftpd   ftpd -l
telnet   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   /usr/etc/telnetd   telnetd
shell   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   /usr/etc/rshd      rshd -L
login   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   /usr/etc/rlogind   rlogind
finger   stream   tcp6   nowait   guest   /usr/etc/fingerd   fingerd -S
#bootp   dgram   udp   wait   root   /usr/etc/bootp      bootp
#bootp   dgram   udp   wait   root   /usr/etc/dhcp_bootp dhcp_bootp -o /etc/config/dhcp_bootp.options
#tftp   dgram   udp   wait   guest   /usr/etc/tftpd   tftpd
ntalk   dgram   udp   wait   root   /usr/etc/talkd      talkd
tftp   dgram   udp6   wait   guest   /usr/etc/tftpd   tftpd
#-s /usr/local/boot /usr/etc/boot
tcpmux   stream   tcp   nowait   root   internal

echo   stream   tcp   nowait   root   internal
discard   stream   tcp   nowait   root   internal
chargen   stream   tcp   nowait   root   internal
daytime   stream   tcp   nowait   root   internal
time   stream   tcp   nowait   root   internal

echo   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   internal
discard   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   internal
chargen   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   internal
daytime   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   internal
time   stream   tcp6   nowait   root   internal

echo   dgram   udp   wait   root   internal
discard   dgram   udp   wait   root   internal
chargen   dgram   udp   wait   root   internal
daytime   dgram   udp   wait   root   internal
time   dgram   udp   wait   root   internal

echo   dgram   udp6   wait   root   internal
discard   dgram   udp6   wait   root   internal
chargen   dgram   udp6   wait   root   internal
daytime   dgram   udp6   wait   root   internal
time   dgram   udp6   wait   root   internal

#uucp   stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/lib/uucp/uucpd   uucpd
# RPC-based services
# These use the portmapper instead of /etc/services.
rstatd/1-3  dgram   rpc/udp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.rstatd     rstatd
walld/1     dgram   rpc/udp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.rwalld     rwalld
rusersd/1   dgram   rpc/udp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.rusersd    rusersd
rquotad/1   dgram   rpc/udp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.rquotad    rquotad
sprayd/1    dgram   rpc/udp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.sprayd     sprayd
#bootparam/1 dgram   rpc/udp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.bootparamd bootparam
#ypupdated and rexd are somewhat insecure, and not really necessary
#ypupdated/1 stream  rpc/tcp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.ypupdated  ypupdated
#rexd/1     stream  rpc/tcp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.rexd       rexd
sgi_videod/1 stream rpc/tcp wait    root    ?/usr/etc/videod         videod
sgi_fam/1-2 stream  rpc/tcp wait/lc    root    ?/usr/etc/fam          updated
#rexd/1     stream  rpc/tcp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.rexd       rexd
sgi_videod/1 stream rpc/tcp wait    root    ?/usr/etc/videod         videod
sgi_fam/1-2 stream  rpc/tcp wait/lc    root    ?/usr/etc/fam          updated
#rexd/1     stream  rpc/tcp wait    root    /usr/etc/rpc.rexd       rexd
sgi_videod/1 stream rpc/tcp wait    root    ?/usr/etc/videod         videod
sgi_fam/1-2 stream  rpc/tcp wait/lc    root    ?/usr/etc/fam            fam
#sgi_toolkitbus/1 stream rpc/tcp wait root/rcv   /usr/etc/rpc.toolkitbus toolkitbusd
sgi_snoopd/1 stream rpc/tcp wait    root    ?/usr/etc/rpc.snoopd     snoopd
sgi_pcsd/1  dgram   rpc/udp wait    root    ?/usr/etc/cvpcsd       pcsd
sgi_pod/1   stream  rpc/tcp wait    root    ?/usr/etc/podd           podd
sgi_xfsmd/1 stream  rpc/tcp wait    root    ?/usr/etc/xfsmd   xfsmd
sgi_espd/1 stream   rpc/tcp wait    root    ?/usr/etc/rpc.espd  espd
sgi-esphttp stream  tcp wait        root    /usr/etc/esphttpd   esphttpd -u300

# ToolTalk Database Server
ttdbserverd/1   stream  rpc/tcp wait root ?/usr/etc/rpc.ttdbserverd rpc.ttdbserverd
# TCPMUX based services
# Impressario network scanning support
tcpmux/sgi_scanner stream tcp nowait root   ?/usr/lib/scan/net/scannerd scannerd
# Printer daemon for passing client requests to lpsched
tcpmux/sgi_printer stream tcp nowait root   ?/usr/lib/print/printerd printerd
# System administration server
tcpmux/sgi_sysadm stream tcp nowait root   ?/usr/sysadm/bin/sysadmd sysadmd
#SGI DMF Distributed Command Feature dmusrcmd service
tcpmux/sgi_dmusrcmd stream tcp nowait root ?/usr/etc/dmusrcmd /usr/etc/dmusrcmd
Hello everyone,

Downloaded the tat.bz2 file with data on this second page. installed all the SDL*'s. When I run ./dangerdeep or bin/dangerdeep I get this error.

Code: Select all

Trace/BPT/RangeErr/DivZero/Overflo Trap

The log shows that it errors out at GL_SGIX_Vertex_Preclip.

Any ideas? I also noticed that my data folder in the share directory is empty. There should be files I would believe.