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Neat looking hobby Z-80 system

Simple and can be built on a breadboard. http://searle.hostei.com/grant/cpm/index.html

He also has an even simpler BASIC-only version.

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Neat! That actually looks like a fun project, thanks SAQ!

Interesting, certainly looks nice and quite neat.

The TI-83/84/84P/84P-SE could alternatively be a good candidate as well, with the excellent BASIC and assembly programming capabilities. (There should also be a serial link cable available, or you could of course simply build one yourself.)

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• Offering various remaining systems and parts, several interestingly compatible with both IRIX and OpenVMS ( AXP and I64 );
• Looking for an SGI O3000 IP59 1-GHz MIPS R16000 quad-processor node board (for a Tezro).
If you are interested in Z80 systems I recommend to take a look at the eZ80 from Zilog.
There are some single-board-computer systems based on eZ80 like the EZ80F915005
(Link: http://www.digikey.com/product-search/e ... Z80F915005 ).
The eZ80 can run unmodified Z80 binaries and additionally has an extended mode with
16 MByte address space. There is a free IDE and a free C compiler available from Zilog (now part of Ixys).
The eZ80 C compiler is one of the few C compilers with a int size of three Bytes.

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nice, thanks for sharing this. Can this run CP/M?

mia wrote:
nice, thanks for sharing this. Can this run CP/M?

Did you even read the linked page?

* March 2007 - First working version of my CP/M BIOS

How to install CP/M

Back in those days you could understand an entire system chip by chip, you knew exactly what your 6845T did .. and could do stupid tricks with your video output or whatever...



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I have an "old" (they changed the layout a few years ago) N8VEM, it was a fun project and is still poked at occasionally (introducing friends to cpm etc). Never did get around to building the video terminal kit.

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I still have this monster Soviet system but it is a work in progress project that I have not really had the time to properly get into.

It now has floppy drive replaced with regular disk drive to more easily transfer disk images, but not sure if the drive is really working or not. I can format disk in disk drive and it will verify OK, but I have not managed to transfer any disk images to disk and read those with the system.

Maybe I need older PC-system for transferring those.