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I've seen many people with Fuels, but I've never seen somebody with a R16KA/900Mhz processors? Are these really rare?
Hi, I installed neko_apache from the current/ tree, including all of the prerequisites, but it won't run. At startup it complains abou not beeing able to find in a bunch of standard lib (lib32??) directories.

libexpat is installed an sitting in /usr/nekoware/lib/ but neko_apache is not looking there. I though LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not updated but imagine my surprise whwen tha env var didn't exist at all. So I set it and run /etc/rc2.d(7)> S68neko_apache start , and it starts , but when I type in a web browser, no apache comes up with a page. And yes the localhost address is bound and httpd is running in ps.

Also during startup neko_apache fals to start since I defined LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /etc/cshrc and it is not processed at boot. I have similar problem with neko_samba both during boot and during running time:

/etc/rc2.d(8)> S66neko_samba start
Samba: 1981:/usr/nekoware/sbin/smbd: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/nekoware/lib/
smbd nmbd lsarpcd netlogond samrd spoolssd srvsvcd svcctld winregd wkssvcd browserd.
hi joerg, thanks for the reply, but i cannot seem to find the release notes under any directory in /usr/nekoware/apache? could you let me know the location of the file? thanks
yes, they are :)
usually you uncompress the three tars in three different directories. The patch is needed only if you do 'live' install, otherwise if you do a miniroot install from another SGI machine it is not needed. If you are doing clean install, obviously you need to use the miniroot process, and then you would need the foundation 1 & 2 CDs and some applications CD (older or same as 6.5.22). You can do a network install from a Linux machine, just google it, there is a tutorial, not overly complex, but there are quite few things to be done.

When using miniroot you can do: keep *;install standard; install prereqs, which usually resolves all your conflicts. If there are still some remaining you can do 'keep conflicting' which will deselect all conflicting packages and their dependencies, thought it might be risky sometimes (I've never had a problem, but theoretically you could).
the install tools are on the first CD if the overlays, so the SGI distros already have them. You need foundation 1&2 and applications CD at minimum.

INDY R4400SC/200Mhz/192M/9GB/2GB/XL24/IndyVideo/IndyCam IRIX 6.5.22f
well, if someone volunteers to optimize the code for the SGI specialized hardware, I am sure the results would be quite better..
INDY R4400SC/200Mhz/192M/9GB/2GB/XL24/IndyVideo/IndyCam IRIX 6.5.22f