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Hey I live in the United states in Wisconsin specifically and i am wondering if anyone has a Crimson they want to sell. It doesn't have to be in Wisconsin.
So I haven't gotten to many replies is there anyone else that has a Crimson for sale?
Haha sorry nekonoko I didn't even know that was your youtube account, sorry if it seemed like I spammed you. Ya the red fever is pretty bad.
Hey I was just wondering if there were any people here on nekochan that were familiar with programing in AIX, and programing for IBM mainframes.
So anyone else have a crimson they might want to sell?
Zmttoxics let me congratulate you on your ingenuous response. How long did you have to pace around to come up with that? 15 to 20 minutes? Let me just give you a little insight. You infer from my request for a piece of hardware that hasn't been manufactured since the 1990's, that I had problems sharing as a child. You are correct in the sense that I want one, but I am not just asking for someone to give me theirs. I would of course pay or trade something based on its condition. Isn't the purpose of the Hardware Wanted Forum to post requests for hardware you want? Because thats the message I got.
I didn't message anyone on this board. I messaged two people on youtube who happened to be members here. Which I found out only after they commented on this topic.
I didn't mean to seem incessant. I asked a while ago and they're wasn't much. So I figured maybe someone had changed their mind since four months ago.
Will do. Thanks for the advice Alien.
Snowolf could you ask if its not to much trouble?
Thank you sybrfreq.
jan-jaap what speed is your processor board, and how much RAM do you have?
How much would you consider selling them for jan-jaap?
So I was thinking, has anyone ever seen an Indigo prototype or an Indigo2 prototype? Or maybe even an Octane prototype? We have seen the O2 prototype and a Fuel prototype, but we haven't really seen any other SGI prototypes. Has anyone seen any other prototypes?
Oh I saw that one I just forgot to mention it in the post.
So I have decided to part with my SC-072, I don't use it as often as I'd like and for my line of work it isn't practical. So I'm hoping to find it a nice home somewhere. The master node is an x86 AMD Turion processor with 2 GB of RAM. As well as a 500 GB hard drive loaded with RHEL 5 and the special SiCortex Linux based on Gentoo that is used in the nodes. There 12 nodes, each with 6 cores for a total of 72 MIPS64 processors, and 48 GB of RAM with 8 GB per node. It comes with the software and manuals as well. It is in excellent physical condition, runs perfectly. I am an organic chemist, and I do a lot of intense visualization work so I am open to trades for graphics gear, but I really want to find this machine a nice home. Feel free to PM me if your interested or have any questions.

SiCortex SC072