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Hi folks,

nice forum :-)

Is there a free video editor for IRIX? I was searching in the Web for a while and the only video software I can see is Piranha HD, Jaleo and so on ...

I don't know a lot about video software and I have never compiled a bit of software. I found this LiVES video editor source code, which I just can't get compiled, because I don't know enough about it. Is there even a single human on this planet who has ever compiled this editor succesfully?? I just can't find aaaaaaaaaanything about it. But the manual and the webside says that it is possible to compile it under IRIX.

Requirements are : Linux 2.x or BSD or openMosix or IRIX or OSX/Darwin (other UNIX untested)

There also seems to be Piranha HD 3.4.1 on the Nekochan FTP server. Without license. Why is it even listed there, if there is no license???

Am I forever doomed to use the IRIX moviemaker with mpeg1 videocodec?

My system :
Octane R12K 400Mhz
IRIX 6.5.30
Yes, I tried Jahshaka for the second time, but I still can't load any Videos into it (mpeg, mp4). There are no hints anywhere what exactly it accepts.

Sad that no one compiled LiVES, it seems to be a good editor. It also makes use of ffmpeg.

Is it maybe possible to convert videos with ffmpeg, so that I can edit them directly with moviemaker? In almost every case I have problems with playing oder editing videos in moviemaker or mediaplayer because the properties of the files are not EXACLY how the programs want it. So, how does the exact video format look like?

Sorry for my chaotic writing, but I'm a little frustrated -_-
vishnu wrote: Adobe Premiere works quite nicely on IRIX but only with non-VPro equipped systems...

Does Adobe offer a free license for this software?
Wow :-D

Someone with compiling skills at least tried it, thats all i wanted ^^

It's not like i need or want LiVES absolutely ... I JUST WANTED SOMETHING THAT IS BETTER THAN MOVIEMAKER! But that seems to be impossible ... Totally impossible ... Ok, i will "buy" a key.
Yes, I have to get used into compiling software more often. One does not install IRIX to use it like Windows XP, I know ^^

vishnu wrote: 55cancri, what's your SGI? As I mentioned above Adobe Premiere supposedly runs on non-VPro equipped SGIs, and surely that's a million times better than slugging it out with moviemaker...

I have an MXE Impact with TRAM.
Hmmm, 'LiVES - Video Editing System ' ^^
It feels like browsing is now much faster, I think twice as fast. I have an 400MHz V8 Octane and browse through ebay with 200 articles on screen. Well, my claims are not particulary high, but I never did that with the old firefox3, because that would have taken half an hour, or so 8-)
I replaced all Octane fans some time ago and I'm thinking about the front fan a lot reacently. Couldn't you silence it by cutting off the front plate??? Fans get a lot louder if you place something directly in front of them and this front fan is the smallest and ironicly the loudest fan im my 31 Kilogramm Behemoth-Workstation.
It is like a new browser.
So, I chopped a hole in the front fan grille and the fan is now much more silent! It's like a new fan :lol:
Hello :-)

I got an Apollo 715/50 and try to get access to it through a serial cable. I startet the console-session with my Octane and just plugged the serial-cable out of my AlphaStation 200 right into the Apollo 715 and startet it. But nothing happens. Serial access to my AS200 always worked flawless.

The error-LEDs of my Apollo just shows that everything seems to be ok and it trys to boot from serveral things (disk, network and so on ...). But there is no disk yet and my two LED-monitors show nothing at all, no matter how I switch the DIPs of the internal graphicscard.

Question : What can I do? ^^
Hmmm, yes. I used it for serial access to my AlphaStation last time.
Now I have a CRT-Monitor here. Its an 15inch IBM from the Netvista-Desktop-late-90's age, but still no picture. Does it not display anything until a Keyboard is plugged in? Oh, man ...

It looks like I have buy one of those crazy HIL Keyboards.
Yes, I forgot that this IBM-PC Monitor is not sync-on-green capable. I also tried my Fujitsu Siemens B19-5 TFT, which I use for my SGI Workstations through a 13w3 adapter, so that means that it is sync-on-green-capable, but no picture with my Apollo :?

The Apollo 715/50 has an internal graphics card with a DIP-switch to chance resolutions ... like 1024x768-72Hz. That shouldn't be a problem for my TFT-Monitor, i guess. And the error LED indicate that the computer tries to boot from Disk. I think, it wouldn't do that if there is something wrong with the CPU or RAM.

Hmm, now I will just wait for my HIL Keyboard. :oops:
I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!

The HIL Keyboard was delivered this morning and since I still have no output on the screen, I had to stop the boot process, navigate through the menu and chance the console output blindly! It took two hours! My nerves are wrecked, but i'm happy 8-)

ivelegacy wrote: ups, I have an 715-EISA expansion for sale, it's here collecting dust, so you can have it for just 1 euro + shipping.

I already have two of those, but thanks :-)
miod wrote:
55cancri wrote: The HIL Keyboard was delivered this morning and since I still have no output on the screen, I had to stop the boot process, navigate through the menu and chance the console output blindly!

Didn't you know you could press the tab key repeatedly during PROM initialization to have it cycle through video modes, until you'd find one your screen would display? :mrgreen:

Hmm, the 715/50 only has a DIP-Switch for different resolutions and I also googled all these tricks to change the Outputdevice, but none of these tricks work on the 715/50 type. Like pressing the TOC-Button at boottime or removing the graphicscard, which isn't possible.

You can even totally mess the output up if you type somthing wrong into the outputvariable of the Bios. So, I think the Apollo 715/50 is a pretty nasty machine, but now I finally have serial output :-)
Hmmm, the 715-Manual says nothing about 'restoration' or setting back to default variables : ... ndbook.pdf

... and not even how to chance resolutions with the tab key, or a 'monitor' bootstrap command is mentioned there. It looks like the 712 is not so very similar to the 715. The 712 came two years later.

Check out :-)
ivelegacy wrote: I also remember the TOC button: if you hold if for 10 seconds after you hit power, then the HP715/50 should switch the console to the first serial

Sorry, but this also doesn't work ^^ I tried it myself after reading this --->

Man, this machine just throws every rock in your way it can ^^
Wait! I will test this later ... now I have another Problem.

I installed NetBSD 5 over Network which worked fine so far. But when I try to boot this fscking 715 from disk, which costs two weeks of sweat and tears, it just stops at single user mode and I don't see why. No error messages, rc.conf and fstab are configured.

fstab :
/dev/sd0a / ffs rw 1 1
/dev/sd0b none swap sw,dp 0 0
/dev/sd0d /usr ffs rw 1 2
kernfs /kern kernfs rw
ptyfs /dev/pts ptyfs rw
procfs /proc procfs rw

'rc_configured=YES' is enabled in rc.conf
Hi guys, I have this problem for a while and I never found out why ... I set the systune pcmouse_mode parameter to the right value and the mouse wheel works fine but everytime I press the wheel button the whole machine freezes for 1 second.

I use an octane with IRIX 6.5.30 now and, I think, I had the same problem with the O2 in the past. Why? ^^
Hmm, I'm interested in your old SUN boxes, like SS1, SS2 or 3/80.