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Excellent Job on the site, Nekonoko. This is really a great location for information and to
meet other SGI likers :) Nekoware is really nice as well.

I had one thought ; I noticed there is a video subforum but no audio subforum.
Octane's are supposed to be great audio workstations as well and I'd like to hear more about
people using their systems in this way still. I noticed some posts around the web about it
so figured I would see if there is any interest.

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unfortunately audio software for irix (and pretty much any unix) has always been a wasteland so there just isn't much to talk about. if at all rather some hardware and that'd belong to the hardware section anyway
Unfortunately, Foetz is right. Audio on UNIX was always a bit meh. Until the advent of OS X. But you can easily argue that OSX isn't readily recognisable as Unix anyhow. His second point about audio hardware... that's on the money too. In fact, here is my foray into audio hardware of this afternoon.

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jimmer wrote: ...scouring pad pop screen :D

We always called 'em "popper stoppers." :D
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i had tryed a guitar amp simulator , a freeware sources found on an education ftp, it work fine , but the result didn't match my hopes.
not too much latency but sound quality...

i actualy use an Avid product, an Eleven rack, it work so fine !!!