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Hi All,

I tried this one via SunHelp / Rescue but so far with luck, so let's see if someone here has an idea:

I recently acquired cheap a Sun Ultra 40 that was on an early firmware.

With some help I managed to find bios version 1.50 and successfully updated my Ultra 40 M2.

Initially it worked fine but not too long after the update it seems to have mysteriously developed an unsolvable 'error 211 Keyboard error' on startup, basically stopping the machine from booting past the initial bios screen. The error pops up along with the hint to press F1 to resume or F2 to enter the bios but the keystrokes don't produce any result.

I tried 2 different keyboards (in addition to the microsoft keyboard that I was using initially and worked fine before), cleaning out the usb ports, resetting the cmos via the motherboardb jumper and replacing the motherboard battery, all without success. As part of these experiments the machine was also disconnected from power for an hour or so.

To be clear, the error also pops up when nothing at all is connected to the computer, so with all USB ports empty. No change when using either of the back or the front USB's and different keyboard combo's.

If anybody has any hints or further tricks to try to shock the workstation to ignore this error that would be excellent!
Failing a solution the machine is essentially useless.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Johnnym - main problem is that I can't access the bios setup in any keyboard presses are registered. Cheers.
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It is getting stuck on hex code 60, which:


Determine and test the amount of extended memory available. Determine if memory exists by writing to a few strategic locations and see if the data can be read back. If so, perform an address-line test and a RAM test on the memory. Save the total extended memory size in the CMOS at cmosExtende

I tried reseating all memory sticks, no change. I have replace the motherboard battery already. 1.5 is nearly the newest bios, newest one I could find these days. Anyway, the machine booted for a few times after applying it....

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Excellent Job on the site, Nekonoko. This is really a great location for information and to
meet other SGI likers :) Nekoware is really nice as well.

I had one thought ; I noticed there is a video subforum but no audio subforum.
Octane's are supposed to be great audio workstations as well and I'd like to hear more about
people using their systems in this way still. I noticed some posts around the web about it
so figured I would see if there is any interest.

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Bump! I am (clearly) also interested in MLA or equivalent, at a reasonable price...
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uunix wrote:
Hombre71 wrote: Bump! I am (clearly) also interested in MLA or equivalent, at a reasonable price...

I have two, I will send you for postage, unsure if they work though. Do you have a power supply? Think I have one.
[edit] I say they don't work, but when you press the function button, it displays perfectly the menu item.

Thanks for the kind offer. Email sent, Cheers!
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