Here's What Happens When an 18 Year Old Buys a Mainframe

This subforum is kinda dead but this is TOTALLY fitting with the theme.

It's a 45 minute long video from Connor Krukosky, known by a few of us as "Conmega".

Funny how that works, huh? We always start small with a few dinky machines and somehow end up with beasts we can barely transport. :mrgreen:
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It's what happened to me with pinball machines. And I only have two!
smit happens.

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I recognize myself quite a lot in his experience. I have fairly good story when I salvaged an 11/750, an Eclipse and a PDP-11/34 from a house with a collapsed floor :twisted:
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That was awesome! I wish more 18 year olds had that kind of determination. I can relate as I have salvaged and revived several '50s cars, Atari vector arcade machines and an Onyx rack.

My '51 Dodge and the Onyx were similar in that they both caught fire....twice.
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Inspirational and very recognisable:
I almost went the same road when i was offered an Onyx1 Terminator Rack to pick up from an old data center and install in my Condo. When i decided to actually have it, i called the company, only to find out that they had scrapped the entire machine just two weeks before by cutting it up into pieces ... completely ... :(
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ivelegacy wrote: he said 240V, 30A :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Probably the breaker on the PDU, not the actual power consumption.

My 4D/380 consumes ~ 6.5A (1.5kW), but:
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I wonder what he will do next? :lol:
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ivelegacy wrote: my speculative engine has said: he will probably buy a raspberry3 :lol:

That made me chuckle Iva' :lol:
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