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search results for "tru64 freeware" were quite a wasteland so here comes the first bunch :D
these are built on 5.1b1 with the native compilers, optimized as hell, reasonable feature selection ... the usual :P
i don't know about backwards compatibility so just try in doubt. unless noted otherwise all packages are provided as native "kits".

  • gettext_0146.tar.bz2
  • glib_1210.tar.bz2
  • gtk_1210.tar.bz2
  • jpeg_6b.tar.bz2
  • libiconv_112.tar.bz2
  • libpng_1616.tar.bz2
  • openssl_098ze.tar.bz2
  • sylpheed_106.tar.bz2
  • zlib_128.tar.bz2

http://www.nekochan.net/downloads/index ... z%2Ftru64/


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append the package name since there's no listing
Heh, interesting :) I have (had? hasn't been touched in a long long time...) pkgsrc on my Tru64, and it appears to work well; not using the DEC C/CXX though, iirc. If those softwares built fine with the proper compilers, maybe I should give pkgsrc another go.
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yeah i remember the pkgsrc discussions in the past although i never saw a need to involve a 3rd party "system" for something that's included by default.
as for the compilers, they're pretty good. both c and c++, i hardly had to step in at all. would be intersting to see how fortran does ...
  • apr_0920.tar.bz2
  • aprutil_0920.tar.bz2
  • curl_7400.tar.bz2
  • diff_281.tar.bz2
  • essentials.tar.bz2
  • gimp_125.tar.bz2
  • libpng_1212.tar.bz2
  • libxml2_277.tar.bz2
  • ncftp_325.tar.bz2
  • patch.bz2
  • screen.bz2
  • svn_155.tar.bz2
  • tiff_403.tar.bz2
  • xchat_1811p1.tar.bz2

essentials is just a tar with a few binaries that have no deps and need no specific location which i consider a good start. things like tcsh, wget, bzip2, nedit and such. just throw them wherever you like.
the older libpng was needed for this gimp. the newer one i uploaded before didn't work. don't use both at the same time because they'd overwrite some files of each other.
was surprised to find out that neither the diff nor the patch program that comes with 5.1b is decent given that other base stuff is quite up to date for its time hence wrapped up an alternative diff and patch. the latter as well screen are just the naked binaries because there's not more to it :P
  • pcre_836.tar.bz2
  • mariadb_5214.tar.bz2
  • apache_2412.tar.bz2
  • m4_1412.tar.bz2
  • autoconf_266.tar.bz2
  • libevent_2021.tar.bz2
  • php_5329.tar.bz2
  • memcached_1422.bz2

maria, php and apache are no kits but just a single dir that should go to /usr/local. as usual i like to have certain programs in one place instead of scattered all across the filesystem.
apache comes with the prefork mpm simply because that works best with php by far.
php is quite pure because i tried to keep as much stuff as module as possible so that it's as flexible as possible. only the included modules are in this pack. externals such as apc or memcache will follow soon as a separate package. some of them have special deps of course depending on what they do.
Excellent initiative, for another excellent UNIX operating system (Digital/Tru64 UNIX is definitely one of the better UNIX/-derived/-like operating systems I ever used, second to IRIX). I was last involved with some superficial porting, when I gave pkgsrc a try. Unfortunately, I ran into a lot of compilation errors.

What would be really interesting is to see some more ‘media’ and ‘desktop’-oriented things for Tru64 UNIX, like MPlayer and such. (Good work on GIMP so far, by the way, I'll take a look at that one of these days.)
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media related foss stuff is usually a no-go on unix. most of it is exclusively targeted at linux/x86 and requires a crapload of other things that come with most linux distris. and even if it gets through somehow it won't run well.
xmms1 was an honorable exception but the rest is just not reasonable and also not what the professional unix devirates were made for.

if you have a look at the old mplayer threads here you'll see how much work it required and even then didn't play much and wasn't fast enough either.
the usual rule of thumb applies here as in commercial unix was made for professional work. if you wanna play get windows :P
  • squid_27s9.tar.bz2
  • postgresql_7430.tar.bz2
  • postgresql_8422.tar.bz2
  • postgresql_941.tar.bz2
  • libssh2_143.tar.bz2
  • gftp_2017.tar.bz2
  • climm.bz2
  • gtar.bz2
  • openssh_66p1.tar.bz2

squid and the postgres are normal tars. matching postgre php modules coming next ...
  • libiconv_112.tar.bz2
  • php_5329-cgi.tar.bz2
  • nginx_179.tar.bz2
  • lighttpd_1435.tar.bz2
  • php_modules.tar.bz2
  • zsh_404.tar.bz2

yes, libiconv replaced. the last one didn't have static libs.
php modules include modules for all 3 postgre versions, xcache, memcache and suhosin.
the php cgi version is independent and can be used as an fcgi runner for use with the other webservers. it contains all modules.
Very nice Foetz. I may be getting an Alpha eventually, can I make a request? What about TMUX?
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TeamBlackFox wrote: Very nice Foetz. I may be getting an Alpha eventually, can I make a request? What about TMUX?

despite having screen already?
What can I say? Screen sucks. I like TMUX because its easier to customize. It also only depends on libevent, so I don't imagine its going to give too much trouble.
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TeamBlackFox wrote: It also only depends on libevent, so I don't imagine its going to give too much trouble.

oh that's naive :P
deps don't say anything about how the actual thing is written. anyway i'll give it a try but since we have screen already i'll keep the efforts limited
Once I get an alpha system if you're unable to build it I will do it myself
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TeamBlackFox wrote: Once I get an alpha system if you're unable to build it I will do it myself

that's the spirit :P
anyway no dice since it relies on va_copy which doesn't exist on osf and the common workarounds didn't work. if you get it done i'd be interested in the solution :-)
Well, once I get the Alpha system over here, I'll let you know.
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I have an Alpha now, just started a TMUX port to IRIX, libevent built for me without OpenSSL support ( gonna need to wait for Armanox to open that can of worms, as it wants a new OpenSSL version )
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TeamBlackFox wrote: libevent built for me without OpenSSL support

on tru or irix?
IRIX. I'll screw with libevent on OSF/1 when I have the time
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TeamBlackFox wrote: IRIX. I'll screw with libevent on OSF/1 when I have the time

alternatively you could go one page back and take mine :P