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Congrats, that's a nice score, all those retro high end toys warms the soul ... i hope you will success to run this software and make some nice screenshoots ... good luck.
i have had a copy of electrogig on the shelf for years, also version 2.4. i remember loading it up on the crimson/re and not being all that impressed by it compared to blender at the time, at least not enough to spend much time on it. i also had the linux version, that was really a mess. apparently from the cd label they also had a sun version.

unless you really enjoy running retro-software (i don't) it only nice shelf-ware. i forgot who gave it to me. hmm.

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Nice catch. Hope you get the most out of it, too bad you can't run it on the Tezro or it would probably fly. :)

A little OT but what kind of Wacom pad are you using? I have wanted one for some time now but not gotten around to actually buying one.

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IRIX 6.5 will still run o32 just fine (O32 is a subset (?) of the MIPS ELF ABI).

What has been removed is ECOFF format, an ancient binary format that sort of supports shared libraries in a roundabout way and has debugging support tacked on. That short description should give a hint of how Frankenstiney the format is (it's derived from the pre-R4 SysV binary image format, Tru64 uses it and Windows uses a variant (PE)).

Pretty much everyone moved to ELF shortly after it was introduced, and SGI was no exception. ECOFF support was installable through IRIX 5.3, but then was phased out through IRIX 6.0 and 6.1, and finally dropped with IRIX 6.2 (when the n32 ELF ABI was added, which was more efficient on modern (R4k and above) hardware than the old -32 (o32) ELF ABI.

The reasons for cancelling ECOFF probably revolved around the difficulty of maintaining many sets of libraries (IRIX 6.2 has /lib (o32), /lib32 (n32), and /lib64 (n64) already, ECOFF would be a whole other set), and the general superiority of ELF.
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I didn't get your question at first, but then I realized I took the pictures of the CD's on top of one of my tablets! :D
Anyway, that one in the pictures is my Wacom Intuos² A4 (in European paper size dimensions). Its interface is USB, I use it with my laptop (I also have a Bamboo that I take with me. I also have an old Intuos A6, which is sitting in a drawer somewhere, which has a serial interface. It's quite old (from ≈1998-1999), with a damaged overlay sheet (of all the usage, but it's too much trouble and expensive to replace), and — most importantly of all — I can't use it because I only have one power supply and I hooked it up to my Intuos² A3 , that I use with my Tezro .
Here are some pictures of my two main tablets, the aforementioned Intuos² A3 (with my Tezro ) and Intuos³ A4 (with my laptop).

Thanks for the info. Think I'll go for an Intous3 A5 or A6 as the A4 is quite expensive compared. Also form what I have read from several reviews the size isn't all that critical. More important to match the pad to the screen (aspect ratio) you're using.

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SAQ wrote: ECOFF support was installable through IRIX 5.3

coff does run on 5.3 by default. nothing has to be installed. in fact the irix5 kernel still is coff.

gig stuff continued there: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=16729441