SGI: Computer Graphics

Great YouTube channel for vintage CG

Apologies if this has already been posted, but anyone who loves classic computer animation should check out this YouTube channel . Lots of great stuff here.
cool !!! very old stuff !!

but rendered on what hardware ??

SGI or die !!!
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All sorts of different hardware. Back in the 80's there was no established vendor of CG workstations, and 3D was still very much nascent, so most of this stuff was done via custom-coding on various platforms - Symbolics, Apollo, Silicon Graphics, etc. Since there were no commercially-available 3D packages, and since doing these sorts of animations in realtime was impossible (save for the E&S simulation stuff), any sufficiently fast computer with enough memory and disk space was appropriate.

What surprised me was how many of these have Chris Wedge's name on them. Never knew he was involved in CG for so long.
This was just great. Just loved see the E&S flightsimulator stuff. Incredible that you could do that advance graphics in 1981, with AA and stuff on. And in pretty high resolution too.

Thanks for that link 8-)

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Nice find - thanks!
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SGI - the legend will never die!!
That was awesome. It's pretty impressive what they were doing back then.
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Very nice!

Thanks for the link!