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** completely noob **

Hello all.
(I'm an SGI virgin sort to speak).

I just got a Indigo^2 machine (purple).
I got a 13w3 to VGA connector (I think it's SGI/SUN one) and hook it to my Sony 17" flat panel VGA access.
The Indigo has two 13w3 cards on it's back.

I power up the machine, it powers up (green light on the indigo turns on) but nothing else happens.
I've tried both cards, and I still can't get video output what-so-ever.

Any ideas?
Thanks for the reply dc_v01.
I called it SGI/SUN just cause that's what the Ebay title indicated.
Is there a way to distinguish them other then just take the seller word on it?
Good day.

I got my new O2.
I hooked it up to a TFT Sony display.
The machine powers up (green light on the front) but no boot beep sounds and nothing comes through on the display.
The display LED also turns green, indicating *somthing* going on, but nothing other then that.

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards
I've verified (to the best of my knowledge) that my TFT is sync-on-green capable.
It's a Sony SDM-S74 and the manual (I've downloaded from the net) states under "SYNC Signal":
0.3 Vp-p, 75<Omega>, Negative

Unfortunately, I don't have a PS2 keyboard right now, I'll scavenge something tomorrow, in the mean I've tried one of those USB-to-PS2 connectors (usually ships with mice) with a USB keyboard, and a PS2 mouse, but it's a no go.

I'll give the PS2 a shot, and if it won't fly, I'll go the serial cable route.
Are you sure about the o2 not needing a SOG? (I'm a totally noob, but I recall reading SGI needs SOG)
At any rate, will try the purple one.

I had another thought:
I've read @nekochan wiki pages, that for o2 to handle >= 128MB ram they need a eprom update.
Mine has 256 (2X128 in bank A) which I've put them (my o2 came with only a single dimm which made the system not boot at all)
I scored those 256MB, but never thought it might pose any problem.

This might be a cause for a problem? will it render it self to that problem (i.e green light, disk spin-up, no screen output), will I see if this is the case using a serial console?

Best regards.
Apparently you guys were right.
(I should have Kept-It-Simple-Stupid from the start)

Hooking a PS2 keyboard and a PS2 mice worked flawlessly, and the machine booted happily.
(using an SOG TFT, just to verify, I'll later test it on a none-SOG TFT).
I'll now go over to the next part of installing an actual OS on the machine.

I appreciate the help mates!

Just thought to update you guys,
Machine works flawlessly, I looooove it, lust it and want to make little O2 babies to it.
Due to lack of Irix installation set, I resorted to install OpenBSD on it, and while it's not the fastest rig on the block, it's most defiantly the coolest.
(I'm actively looking for recent Irix installation set, though reading through the forums sounds like I'd rather poke my self in the eyes then installing an Irix).

I'm currently trying to get Wifi on it (keyword: trying. I think the OpenBSD enables that, not sure if I can setup usb/wifi on 02/irix. didn't dig anything useful on google).

Question: How/whom do I send confirmed hardware spec (monitors, CD, USB pci etc)?
Thx again mate :)

I've just ordered a "confirmed SGI" adapter from someone who *seems* to know what he's talking about, and I've sent the original seller on ebay a rant telling him he should be more accurate in describing the item. I think he discreetly redirected my rant to /dev/null though.

When it'll arrive, I'll pick up from there with my Indigo, I'll keep the forum updated for what it's worth.

Cheers mate.
oh my, will do O.B.1.
I've just garbage-dug three old usb pci card, all with diff chipset, I'll post my results.

Say, *suppoooooose* I'd rather stick with OpenBSD on O2, is it a blasphemy and I'm banned from nekochan for all eternity, or is it cool to seek for help here?
(btw, openbsd went quite a mileage, you can get X and all, with a fairly decent desktop manager).
At any rate, will try Irix eventually, once I get installation set. ebay has some, but they seem somewhat outdated (and I do want to enjoy alllllll the goodies this site has to offer).
Wow! I was totally unaware of that, thx mate! I can now spend that sum on beer, girls and a new hardrive (meh, most probably just a bigger hardrive. women can't host Irix).

Will give it a spin.

It's a 180Mhz R5K with 256MB Ram
(10G disk which feels cramped already, so I'm going to dial that one up).

I understand now, so no dating, hu?
At any rate, it seems that older 6.5 are quite common on ebay, as long as I can use overlay to update them I guess it's fine, my concern was getting an older Irix and be stuck with it.
In the mean, I've managed to install USB + Wireless on my O2 (on openbsd 4.7, I'll post full detail in separate thread, I'm waiting for bash+fluxbox+firefox+othercoolstuff to compile so I could be ultra smug about my self and post from the O2 :) )

I was looking at neko blog (retrocomputing section) and saw the Tezro, which seem like really nice machine, I dug around for a bit, and headed for ebay to see prices.
omg, are you freaking kidding me??
There are rigs there selling for 20K, 31K, 50K and 75K. If it's not coming with Magen Fox driving a 1967 corvette roadster, I can't wrap my mind as to why this would be the price tag. 75K would buy me 3 sunfire servers with 8 way quad core and 256GB, cr*p load of storage, and I would still be left with money to buy a couple of new desktops and host all of this in a L1 hosting service for a year.

So, my question is, why??
ah, yeah, you're right, the ebay items are indeed the discreet Flame, I thought it's just a cute nick name, like O2 "moosehead" or something.
Thx for clearing that up.

Btw, if we're on the topic, what would (roughly, of course) be the equivalent to Tzro in term of intel/amd hardware?

I own two G4 (G4, not G5), one is happily running Debian, the other just sits and do nothing.
It's a 350Mhz, complete model, nothing missing. will give for free if you're willing to pay the international shipping (they weigh like a small neutron star).
(Just to put it out there, it's quite a slow machine in my perspective, even with their "native" mac OS 9 installed, I won't start a with-debian-it's-much-faster flame war though).
(though it truly is).
Hello all.

I'm running openbsd 4.7-current (from snapshot) on an SGI O2 R5K.
Trying to either install ports or pkg_add stuff throw the following error:
# pkg_add -vvvvv libiconv-1.13p0.tgz
parsing libiconv-1.13p0
Can't install libiconv-1.13p0 because of libraries
|library c.53.1 not found
| /usr/lib/ (system): bad major

this happens with way to many packages.

Any ideas?