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sgi/openbsd: problems installing pkgs

Hello all.

I'm running openbsd 4.7-current (from snapshot) on an SGI O2 R5K.
Trying to either install ports or pkg_add stuff throw the following error:
# pkg_add -vvvvv libiconv-1.13p0.tgz
parsing libiconv-1.13p0
Can't install libiconv-1.13p0 because of libraries
|library c.53.1 not found
| /usr/lib/libc.so.54.0 (system): bad major

this happens with way to many packages.

Any ideas?
Can you symlink libc.so.54.0 to libc.so.53.1? It looks like the packages are linked against a specific version, rather than just libc.so

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