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Hi guys

I'll be updating with progress as I try and restore a neglected & mould-covered 2100 (with 1GB RAM and 2x EV5 CPUs).

Thanks for the welcome and the pointers! I shall certainly check them out.
Pontus wrote:

Wow, yours is pretty rusted up.

My 2100 (in storage) had a brother that got shopped up and sent to a fellow called Peter in the UK. I know he used the PSU but the other parts might be unused. If you like I could try to get you in touch with Peter. I'm also on #vms as pontus.


I'd love it if you could put me in touch, thx! wavey at
Pontus wrote:
I sent a mail to Peter asking if it would be ok to share his address. Meanwhile, enjoy not one, not two but three AlphaServer 2100 in the back of a Volvo:

yowsers! :)
Updated the blog with images of the rust removal: ... -gone.html

@smj, I couldn't find any reference to TOD or NVRAM batteries for the AlphaServer series, but thanks for helping!

@theinonen I think they're very beautiful too. Hopefully this one will also get there!

Any offers/sale of parts gratefully accepted. CPU modules especially.
New post describing the disappointing news that the new backplane board didn't affect anything, but more detail on the suggested battery fail...
SAQ wrote:
I'm unclear - have you pulled it down to minimums yet? (single processor board, single memory board, base I/O)

yes, I've tried from zero of each of memory and CPU up to trying each in each slot. No joy.

I've got 2 IO boards, 2 backplanes, 3 CPUs (same type) 2 memory boards (same size, but mixing is known to work).

1 of the CPUs in slot0 reports SYSTEM RESET permanently on the OCP. The other two cause the OCP to show nothing at all. This CPU board also shows NO MEM INSTALLED when it is all missing. The other two still show nothing.

the 2nd IO board is known to be missing a capacitor on the rear, but this hasn't lead to any difference in the functions the machine is currently capable of.

Both these IO boards have 2.8V or higher in the RTC clock block.

A 3rd IO board is on it's way. If this doesn't change things, I'll have to source a different OCP board / fan control board / remote ports board. But these are harder to obtain.

Thanks for caring enough to post!

If pontus doesn't want it, I'll pay shipping to UK happily.
I don't think I'll be able to add much to the shipping fee - but feel free to put a price together you'd be happy with (incl shipping) and we can take it from there :-)


wavey AT
The third IO board proved successful at getting further: ... ments.html and a cache of extra components has been located nearby!
Mark, I just wanna say publicly how much I enjoyed DEC Legacy. A great collection of kit and fellow DEC nerds. Thanks for organising, and see you at the next one!