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If it is allowed to share, and if you wish, please share with me.
Otherwise, just forget it.
Don't know if the rom image is copyrighted or not?
hello smj,
glad to hear a quick response, did you mean decstation 5000/25 hasn't got any firmware inside?
If so, thanks a lot for telling me that. I have been looking for it as if it was there

smj wrote: Let me ask a different question - what do you expect to do with any DECstation firmware you can find?

:) I will pop it into an emulator called gxemul, it is not easy to compile. But it took me half a year or so...
Hello there,
I used DECStations a lot when I was in college back in the days.
But I never knew how they actually worked, of course most of them have retired.
Firstly, I think we had diskless workstations sitting in the lab, and an X window
login screen, when you logged in. When you had, you waited for the X window OS to load up,
I remember the OS was called OSF/1. But the Client diskless OS was a bit like
Ultrix, so if X11R5 was the GUI server of the workstation, it should actually
reside on the workstation but if so, it is contradicting because it was diskless.
But if it wasn't there, the OSF/1 server did have to deliver the Ultrix OS to
the workstations, I remember the whole bunch of workstations freezed altogther in the lab
when the network died. So how did the whole thing work in general?
I actually once completed compiling it successfully, but I messed it up again. So it took some time again
I've just found some of those firmwares in the public domain located at
But don't know which one I should look for.
Hey, I remember the topology of the setup now because I read back my saved email in 1995.
There were several DECStations sitting in the lab, and one OSF/1 data server at a remote site.
But One doubt is where did the ultrix reside? at the server I think because the DECStations were diskless.
So maybe the OSF/1 server cluster delivered the Ultrix OS thru DECnet to the DECStations when being logged in.
I want to know which version of Ultrix / OSF1 used this version of pine, you may assume there was no upgrade on this system.

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I found some copies of X11R5 like this one

where they are just some unbundled tarballs.

Now that I have my Ultrix installed, how can I install the X11R5 system

on my Ultrix?

smj wrote: DEC typically distributed Ultrix in two flavors - just Ultrix, or as the Ultrix Workstation Software (UWS) that included X11 and some simple applications.* So Jack might not have X at all yet. Jack, care to clarify?

No, probably not, it even won't start an xterm when I typed it in.
It has DECterm though, no xman, xearth or xeyes etc.
It has the Motif Program manager though.
like that..