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I was happy learning Blender on my O2 until the subject of lighting reared its head. The wheels came of my bike at that point.

Can anyone give some general advice on lighting a small room with some people in it. Pointing in the right direction would be useful.
Thanks :P
Found lots or tutorials on 3 point lighting. Will post a link to the scene when I finish. Its going to be a small movie with Lego people doing the scene from the unemployment office in the Full Monty.
give me a tennants-super

Thats the Scottish equivalent of the magic potion from Gaul they used to feed Asterix and Obelix

Mixed with Eldorado (fortified wine) or Calsberg Special Brew you have a very drunk, indestructible, crazy person.

Nutterelix :twisted: :twisted:
Still riding the motorcyle equivalent of the Octane. Big, old, heavy and noisy.
1978 Suzuki GS1000. In use daily since I blew the engine in the car.

Its far to cold in Jockland for motorcycle riding in march.

not easy to carry Sgi machines with bike.. but.. ther's always rent-a-car choice

Transported an O2 home from Ian Maplesons. 50 miles on the back of a Vespa T5. :shock:
Testing his legendary packaging ability. :D
Italian by transport
Ditched all the Vespa scooters and ended up with these

Heavy iron gs1000E 1978

Middle iron gs750L 1979

Grand daddy sportsbike gpz600r 1986

Need to get a grip on my petrol addiction
Italian by transport