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Nice system, I too welcome. :)
Very nice system!!! ;)
I have a question on the management of computer smilies:
I put in the posts below the pictures of my systems using the [img] from my profile to "edit signature", 'cause when I go over it with the mouse appears "image" and not "the name of the system"?
If someone can 'explain where I'm wrong. :)
Hi Josehill,thanks we have just done it! Perfect now I understand :D
Nice fuel!
I have a question to ask, but the Rams should not be in ascending order on the bank?
Does nothing if the bank 0/1 is - 256 and the bank 2/3 - 512?
recondas wrote: As long as they're installed with a matching pair in either bank, size order isn't an issue (take a look at the memory configuration rules in the Fuel User's Guide), and the Fuel seems pretty happy with the arrangement - it even announces it's "running in DDR mode" during power-on diagnostics:

Ok!I got it! This excerpt from the manual page of the fuel that I have indicated, that's why '
In practice one must have the same density 'memory on both the banks,
So your reads 768MB DIMM per pair of properly.
256+512 dimm pair1 /256+512 dimm pair2 ;)

The following configuration rules apply to the memory banks and DIMMs in your system:

At least one DIMM pair must be populated.

DIMMs in the same DIMM pair must be the same density. For example, if DIMM 0 is 512 MB, then DIMM 2 must be 512 MB.

DIMMs must be installed in pairs.
A very monster!!! :shock:
bjornl wrote: The memory that turns into 'premium' when you add directory ram.

This thing interests me, the memory becomes a kind of premium if you add the direct ram? Otherwise, it is the standard?Why :?
I if I add the direct ram on the Onyx2 Deskside,I can make it premium, or no use since I have not the router from outside NUMAlink?
Another question if they are not too many, but a system that consumes so?
regards. :)
Very nice fuel!
They are like new,seals really well all 2.
This is close to full configuration.
We would like to ask another curiosity 'I'd like to know:In Hinv ram and premium type,the other fuel that you have the standard type, but this depends on the density 'of a type of RAM modules or and a different brand?

I've onyx2 of the standard type, but I also modules kingston 256mb, SGI original kits 1 of 16/4096mb origin. (I have only 12 of them) then the others are all to be 64mb but always sgi NEC I wanted to know if there is also the kind premium.

I was also interested to know if I can ask Onyx2 also on how to see the speed 'of the individual fans in real time, if there' some command like:
# l1cmd env
Ok recondas, very good explanation, I understood everything, thanks a lot, things were important to me (I think also for many others) to know, you have been a great help as always. :)
bjornl wrote: If you read on the standard memory sticks, it says something about DIR memory. For example a double stacked 256MB stick says 16MB DIR,
a double stacked 64MB stick says 4MB DIR. I don't know if that mean how much DIR is required for each stick. Maybe there is a small amount
of DIR mem on all sticks, but insufficient for larger setup. There are only two kinds, as far as I know. 16MB and 64MB DIR memory sticks,
and for the 256MB sticks you need the 64MB DIR.
Also, in a Onyx2 deskside I don't think there is any use for it, becauses it cannot route to anything else. Maybe coolness factor in 'hinv'
On the other hand, it is needed in a Origin2000 deskside if you have the correct routers to connect it to something bigger than 32 cpus.

Thanks for explanation bjornl,And just so there 'written above the 16mb of the double RAM modules of 64mb, but however' I noticed a particular, I also took a form of O2 modules(is a single Dimm) 32mb and there 'written 16mb(O2 has no direct Ram).
It is perhaps significant that the side and two sides is being 16x2=32mb should be the explanation, 'cause those are the Onyx2 type double to 4 faces
and always cover 16mb (16x4 = 64mb).
To see the 256mb I have to remove a node, tomorrow I look and I say, I got on individual onyx2 DIMM 256MB, so if you and everything just like I think I should find written 128Mb. Tomorrow unmount and look. :)
But what consumes your monster in watts?