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SGI sold comprehensive software packages for web development and content management for IRIX.
There are SiteMgr, Cosmo, Web Magic, etc. Rememeber the WebFORCE editions of the Indy, Indigo.

Fellow web programmers here at Nekochan, what content management systems/frameworks and editors are you using? Commercial or Open Source applications? Any gemms hidden deeply in the Open Source jungle? What about the "classic" Open Source CMS woes. E.g. missing documentation, dispensable CMS jargon, performance and so on.
VenomousPinecone wrote:
Nedit and Cosmo on the Octane, Metapad and Dreamweaver on the peecee...

I use nedit on SGI boxen too. Also when working on some older macs in the office that are running OSX 10. As said before a fine editor that supports syntax highlighting, macros. And ofcourse Macromedia, now Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop on Win/Mac PeeCees. In their times the Webforce Indigos and O2s were top notch workstations for web production (reliable editors, pixel/vector/high end 3d graphic tools, cosmo/vrml stuff, reliable OS). Another invaluable advantage of IRIX in this case: You won't meet Frontpage out there ;)
The last web sites I worked on used PHP (oscommerce or typo3). Opinions about Typo3? There are loads of other content managent systems.

Mare wrote:
I recently found out there is also support for calltabs'

Calltips? Thanks for the hint. I'll try the newer nedit version 5.4/5.5. Some nedit readme file says that calltips have been introduced with nedit 5.4. C, Perl, PHP Calltips are availabe from the nedit mirros. Nice :)
BTW. What was the latest version of nedit shipped with IRIX? There is a OSF/Motif build version 5.3 (June 2002).
nekonoko wrote: You need to rename the image file so it matches your login name, i.e. mv mad_127_100.rgb fu

So it should look like: /usr/local/lib/faces/fu (with fu being the image file itself, not a subdirectory)

Interesting addition to Tips & Tricks. Thanks for this hint neko! I'll try it.
Apple started to sell Mac OSX 10.5. Who is planning to get the new MacOSX version?
Are there already some pieces of informationen about running 10.5 on older Macs e.g. G4 400 MHz?
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nekonoko wrote: I have it up and running on all my machines (Mac Pro, iMac x86, MacBook, G4 tower). Good to go so far.

So you have been busy the last days updating all your Mac boxes to Leopard.
Your iMac x86 is a first generation model with Intel Core cpu and with a mate display? Not the current Alu iMac?

yuckymucky wrote: Apple says that you need at least a G4 867Mhz for it run, so your 400Mhz machine will probably be quite slow.

Yes I can image that Leopard will not install or run quit slow on this old mac.
It's a quite old powermac 400 with PCI gfx that I use in the office for surfing, ssh shells, web radio, converting mac fonts, etc. No serious image/video/dtp applications. Maybe I should try to upgrade to tiger first. 10.3.9 is currently running on it.
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josehill wrote: Tiger runs great on that configuration. With RAM so cheap, make sure that you have at least 512 MB in the box. Personally, I suggest 1 GB, particularly on an older machine.

Yes some days ago I upgraded to 768 MB. I found some SDRAM DIMMs in a dusty WinNT box ;)
Today I 've created some business cards in xpress. it runs quite well on this old box. But I'll keep my eyes open for additional memory. 1 GB is max?

Anyone here that ownes one of the current alu iMacs?
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Tnx for the link zahal. Seems that Leopard is slower on PPC Macs than Tiger:
From the economic point of view it's understandable that Apple has "optimized" Leopard for x86 Macs. They want their customers to change.

josehill wrote: 768 MB is pretty good.

Yes it seems to run good. It's a PCI gfx model (Yikes), so it can take only 1 GB RAM max.
I'll keep on searching discarded Win NT boxes in the office for compatible SDRAM dimms.
Maybe I find even an old AGP Power Mac ;)
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