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Somewhere on the net I seen a picture of a lcd screen at google running goobuntu
I got a netbook for free. One problem. The screen is busted. I went a head and took it out which was a pain in the ass. Anyway, I hooked it up to a 17" Sony CRT and booted it up. It will POST, show the XP loading screen, then it will go black. The netbook boots up fine and can get into the desktop. Is there a way to keep it so it will stay on the ext monitor?
recondas wrote:
Tried the manual?

If by "AAO" you mean the Acer Aspire One - only took three clicks from the first hit in a google search for "Acer Aspire One Manual" to turn up this:

Using the external VGA port on the Aspire One

If that doesn't do it, you can always download a copy of the entire manual to peruse at your leisure.

This has helped out, found out that I cant switch screens till I have the internal lcd hooked back up.
I still have a G3 B&W with Mac OS 9. Once a find a job. I'm going to drop it for a G4 QS or a G4 MDD.