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GeneratriX wrote:
roosmcd wrote: I've wondered for a second if "PCI" will include at some point IRIX/MIPS as host, to run FPGA collaboration-boards on professional's/hobbyist's SGI workstations... :roll:

It's just the same as the collaboration between SGI and ARTVPS. One year ago they announced the availability of ARTVPS raytracing chips for SGI Tezro. But I can not remember SGI offering these cards for Tezro.
I think we will not see PCI-FPGA cards for SGI workstations. Eventually for SGI Prism/Altix, but not for IRIX based systems.

Greetings from Germany
SGI leaving the sinking Itanic to the Opteronic via the woodcrest ship?
Maybe there is still some hope for SGI. If they manage to get rid of ATI fire I will buy a new SGI Workstation with Opterons as soon as it becomes available.
A cube logo on the new opteron boxes would be nice. :roll:

Greetings from Germany
Realistic new SGI Workstation configuration:

OS: Linux (sadly there won't be Irix 6.x)
Quad dualcore AMD Opteron processors
Onboard Numalink-4
4*Onboard 1GBs Ethernet
SAS Seagate Barracuda 15.5k 300GB in Raid 0 or 6
4*nvidia Quadro FX 5500 GPU, 1GB framebuffer each. Linked by SGC
PCIx based RASC option
up to 64Gb DDR2
Price from 9999€ to 45000€
There IS need for SGI Linux-Opteron workstations and servers. SGI has Numalink and SGC, for the moment that is enough to justify SGI Opteron boxes. least for me. :wink:
As I mentioned before. 4*QFX 5500 1GB clustered via SGC.
alternative 3*5500 +1*SAS or Infiniband card

They could use a modified version of Tyan Thunder K8QE because it has 4 to 8 Opteron sockets, up to 128 GB ram and 4*PCIex16 (ok, 2*16,2*8 )
Strange. Last time i checked the Tyan site it said 2*x16, 2*x8 .
It is not that way difficult to get one. Usually they appear on ebay very soon.(And some online stores have the board in stock) (By the way I've seen a prism-team on ebay a few weeks ago).

Nvidia said there would be 2GB 512bit Quadros too, looks like we'll have to wait a few months more till they arrive. :roll:
SGI should shift from ATI to Nvidia. Fire and Linux :? .
Maybe they do actually want to use the Origin name again. The question is: for what product?
Make the Altix line Xeon based and a new Itanium based Origin? Or name the vue box(x?)es Origin. We'll see.
Are there any Itanium workstations on the market these days? The whole idea ended with the zx6000, didn't it?
I'm going to try out Linux on my RS/6000 275, however it won't work with the gxt6500p graphics card. GXT135p cards would do the job, but they are almost impossible to find (not willing to pay a fortune for it). The gxt135p is identical to the matrox450 except for the bios. Someone managed to flash the ibm bios on a G450 and it worked. I guess IBM does not offer it for download.
To the question:
Does anyone know other graphics cards working with (suse) linux on power? (I know of gxt:130p,135p). Or does the 6500p work with recent versions of other linuxes? Thank you very much.