The collected works of Balthomus


Long time lurker first time poster here. I recently purchased an Octane2 with a box of "parts" sight unseen from a local university and the "parts" happened to be a bunch of Indy stuff. From what I can gather I can part together hopefully 3 working systems, all I need are the cases and PSU's of which I have Zero. I dont have a huge budget but also have no idea what the availability / price for an empty shell is so toss me some offers if you have some and we'll work something out. I'm located in Atlanta if that helps at all. Thanks!
Thanks for the welcomes! It looks like things are falling into line to get these little guys up and running. I have 6 graphics boards part # 030-8263-002 which after some light digging seem to be 8-bit boards. Won't be setting the world on fire with them but at least its a start ;)
Well, a plane ticket plus a one way U Haul plus gas would put me a bit past $3000 to come pick this all up so I'm out of the running... I really hope everything is OK, or at least as OK as it can be. GL finding a new home for this amazing collection.
Hey Everyone,
I figure after popping in about 3 years ago to try to (unsuccessfully) cobble together some Indys from parts, that I should properly say hello. Three years ago I bought a bone stock, fresh 6.5.30 installed Octane 2 because I have been in love with a little blue SGI since first seeing an Indigo that had been donated to my church's tech drive in the late 90's. When I bought the Octane 2 I was really looking for an Indigo but couldn't find an Indigo that was in good shape / complete so I settled for what I call the "big sister".

Well, I finally pulled the trigger and bought an R4000 XZ Indigo which got delivered about a week or so ago. Got a keyboard adapter from Chris and plugged it in, no surprise, dead TOD battery. No problem, swapped it for a CR2302 holder and now she boots right up. Problem is that all five of the user accounts on the system have a password. The system has IRIX 5.3 installed on it btw. Will I need to toss the Indigo's system drive into an external case and plug it into the Octane to reset the passwords? Will this create any sort of an issue with the different versions of IRIX as far as file systems are concerned? I would love to get "baby sister" up and running without having to source out 5.3 media off eBay just yet (I do want it down the road in case I need it).

Thanks in advance for any insight. Oh, and beyond poking around with the Octane 2, I have pretty much zero unix experience. I just love the aestetics of the systems and want to learn more about how to use them and keep them running.
Wow, thanks for the link! Time to get to reading. Otherwise I'll try mounting the disk in an external enclosure to my Octane.