The collected works of Arie van Schutterhoef

copy of the Octane User Manual....
Anyone got a copy mirrored anywhere?
-I have a copy.
Can send you one if you want it?

If this is true:
we can say that SGI came to their senses...
About bloody time, I guess.
Otherwise, never mind

>Right now only a handful of us are working on it in our spare time. We need your help!
-First of all: it's a nice wiki.
Secondly: the description ot the Octane as being 'a respectable digital audio workstation', kind of stole my heart (the Octane as well, but that's a different
relationship altogether, particular with those three fans blowing fullpower...).
I see whether I can put up some stuff about audio.
In the meantime: there is some description (by me...) to be found on how SGI machines were used by the French music research institute IRCAM during the Nineties of the last Century at:


"Dennis McKenna lasted all of 14 months as CEO of SGI.
The server maker today tapped Robert "Bo" Ewald as its new chief. Ewald used to head up Linux Networx, Scale Eight and E-Stamp, so he's quite familiar with CEO duties. The hardware buff also once worked as COO of both SGI and Cray."

Which is rather fast, even for SGI I guess.
Maybe it's a good thing the new guy has previous experiences in the field
(in & outside...)

>SGI had a lot of technology years ahead of everyone else.
-Which is an apt description, but nobody seems to (have a willingness) to read these words well and with an adequate sense of reality...

>Technology matters there.
-And it is that what SGI does not have anymore, except for their
alliance/allegiance with Intel. IA-64 is rather nice and SGI's convergence
with Linux and their own ProPack are doing the job acceptably (to the level of SGI/Irix standards[?]). So time/everything else moves on...

Silicon Graphics is like an old love, fond memories/nostalghia, but new ones appear on the horizon...

Thus, enjoy the view in the museum of the origins/octanes, whatever
and get to grips with the fact the SGI existing today is not the Silicon
Graphics we all revere (at least some of us do).
In the meantime happy dreaming...