The collected works of 2226cc

All I have at the moment:

AthlonXP 3200+ on Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboards
420GB drive space in it
19" Philips monitor
Logitech dinovo desktop set
run-of-the-mill MX440 video card

I have another CPU and motherboard combo like this doing work at a client's office, but it's soon to be replaced permanently with a Intel 2x 2.8GHz Xeon system I set up.

Lying in the "PC room" and garage is some old junk PCs, just PII and PIII machines and my old K6-2 300MHz PC, some old 15" monitors, modems, Ditto drives, etc, etc. Every time someone makes me upgrade their office equipment, they dump me with their old junk.

I have to clean this crap out sometime.

How often to you guys upgrade? I buy so that I only have to replace the majors every 4-5 years. I can't understand people spending $3000 on the latest PC, and then doing it again in a few months' time. It's good for business, but not the personal pocket.
It's been relisted at $1000 less now. Sooo... I reckon give it 4 more relistings and they'll have to give $1001 to the buyer. :D
No, I was attempting to be silly:


Now wouldn't that be awesome? :D
fatal_error wrote: 2226cc - Im sorry - late night browsing and having few glasses of wine - i think your avatar is quite annoying with all that ... "servitude". I dont know.

Lol :D Yeah, I know... sometimes I don't even read my own posts with it on showing there.