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Hey guys!

after searching around online, I figured this would be THE place to connect to other fellow SGI fans and enthusiasts, and ask for help.
I am looking for a Tezro, and I am NOT interested in one that works. So, yes, I am odd.

Seems like most guys out there are either looking for one that's nicely beefed-up, or selling fully-configured Flame setups...
I find that a lot of Tezros out there seem to come as ex-Flame rigs, with additional hardware junk I have no interest in. (I use Nuke and have NO desire to own a Flame anyways...)
Me, on the other hand, want a NON-FUNCTIONAL Tezro.
In fact, if you have one and want to keep the parts as spares and sell me just the empty case, that would be GREAT.

Do you have a Tezro you could part with? Do you have a friend or know someone who would have one?
I am interested in one with a case that is in REALLY good shape - not something that fell-off a rack, or pulled out of a scrap pile...

So, yeah... Please help me out here guys!
Thanks SO much for reading, and in advance for any info.

Is this for a pc case mod project?

That's what popped into my mind. Just say "no" to bastardizing vintage hardware.

Paint It Blue
It's like looking for an empty Audi S8 frame to put VW Golf engine and seats in it.

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mia wrote:
Is this for a pc case mod project?

comes to mind indeed:-/