SGI: Hardware

Altix 350 Value.

Greetings to all.

As per my last post about Numalink, I'm considering to purchase a pair of SGI Altix's.

Here's the specs to the best of my knowledge:

- Yellow/Black front panels
- Dual Itanium2 1ghz Processors (**not** Itanium 1's)
- 2GB RAM per node
- One node has the Base Compute I/O module, DVD Drive, and 2x36GB disks
- One node has no DVD drive, and 1x36GB disks (along with a spare caddy?)
- Both have the redundant PS's.
- Both are in the SGI boxes (!!!), apparently "Used for a day in a lab". No rails included.
- 2x Numalink cables included.

What would these guys be worth these days? They're in mint condition, and both working.

I intend on running Linux on these bad boys, along with Xen ( apparently Suse supports Xen/Itanium now...).

I've got butterfingers!
ask yourself one simple question .... whydo you want it?

If you want to run Linux you can get far better supported boxes far cheaper.
If it is a nice shiny thing on ebay ;) and you just want it then fine..
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they're reliable, server class hardware. if you're looking for something reliable, it's worth about as much as any other server class hardware that fits the bill.

if you're looking for bang/buck, you're looking at something that does 8Gflops. that's about it. get a quad core 2 for about $400 or so, and you're much better off, even for virtualization stuff. slap in a SATA drive for each virtual server. that said, SCSI handles multiprocess loads better.