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Who is General Error and how did he take over the forums..??

Thanks for all your efforts in keeping this going Pete.


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Seconded. I felt so alone and disconnected today! I wonder why? :)
Today was strangely productive ;) And yes, a big Thank You to Pete for keeping everything running smoothly and fixing these minor hiccups smoothly with a minimum of fuss. 8-)
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thanks from here too! even thought it was great firewall or some paranoid security agents hacking around :? :? or cybergeddon has arrived? :shock: :shock:

thanks neko!
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Thanks for getting everything working again!
Yesterday I had a really bad day, what a fright.Thank you for all your efforts!
It was database corruption; I don't check the forum nearly enough these days and missed seeing it. I wound up starting the database in recovery mode and exporting/reimporting. Fun times.
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Thanks, Pete!