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For No Reason at all.. VBOB Update

I really must get some lighting in my room!

Progress is being made with smoke and vbob and my mega-goliath video production centre.
First pic shows obtaining source from a 1980 UNIX system 4 Conference. All screen in sync.

Second shows recorded clip in playback mode. Video still playing on the 2 Sony CRTs

Next stage is the dogs on the beach in Cornwall video from 7 years ago..

IT JUST LOOKS DAMN COOL!! Although not as a cool as it would with a FUEL next to the Octane.
Hey Ho! Pip & Dandy!
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That is awesome! You do need more light though. :)
If the thing isn't on fire it's a software problem.

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You've got a $10,000 smoke system but you don't have a camera with a flash unit? ;)

Seriously though, very cool! :mrgreen:

Hopefully I'll have some time this winter to finally debug my long-ailing VBOB. :cry:
Temporarily lost at sea...
World domination! Or something...

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uunix wrote: not as a cool as it would with a FUEL next to the Octane.

Get some old skins and paint them red. A red Octane looks even cooler than a Fuel :D

Pretty nice loft there, Mr U-U. You could start your own underground teevee station !

I wish I could enter into the vegetable garden of William Gibson , on the right of a director, to decide how a film is ultimately released for public viewing, but I am not a nor Cyberpunk writer neither a dude in Hollywood , and my English still looks like an old rusty trailer which needs a fix-up, so my personal wonderland begins with a pill ... tumbling down the rabbit hole , where the sky above the router port is the color of television, tuned to a dead channel and some gears still need a debugger there.
Having worked with 1280x1024 on all my SGi machines (with the exception of the o2/Octane2 1600sw combo) I was ultimately surprised at the monitor that came with my fuel - Dell 2007FPb (24544 - shown by gfxinfo) - and working with irix at such resolution as 1920x1200_60.

So I bought another one for my Smoke Octane2. (I wasn't quite as complete as I thought I was - anyway, it was only £30)

And it is fantastic for capturing / displaying etc and just screen real-estate..


On the Input Clip screen (capturing) - The menu/buttons now appear across the bottom and I'm missing part/some buttons. Before @ 1280x1024 they were set out very different.

This occurs on 720 HD projects not on 625 SD

Thoughts.. I'm 99% to completion.
Hey Ho! Pip & Dandy!
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My Fuel runs at 1600x1200 through a similar Dell display. IRIX looks nice at that res doesn't it! I can get the Indigo2 to output at 1600x1200 as well, but then it won't handle any 3D, which kind of defeats the object.

How are you finding big red now you've had it a couple of weeks?
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The big red is a fantastic machine, so quick and responsive, and although a bit noisier than the intel servers I have, is still very quiet compared to the Octane.

Mine is running at 1920x1200, which is nice albeit a little small (1600x1200 doesn't look too nice on the monitor I have, there are many thick vertical lines).

I've ordered a replacement tape drive(lto) for an intel server, so I'll be putting in a DAT72 in the next few days. I'm also hoping (in the future) to obtain a DM6 from my good friend Ian if he has one, to tag onto the VBOB to make it all complete.

But yes.. the big red is without doubt a brilliant SGI
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very impressive! silly question though - what exactly is the point of those two small CRTs? I always wondered but was afraid to ask...
Well, not a silly question at all. One comes direct from the source (S-Video) of the VCR and the other comes from the output of the MSX machine prior to entering the Analog to SD convertor.
At first they aided in seeing what was actually coming out of each device, but they now are more useful in seeing what is playing whilst in edit mode. Plus the second one shows video overlay from the MSX (interlacing 8 bit blocky text over video). They are only useful though for S-Video.

Other than that.. they just add to coolness and my kids like them when I connect the cam-corder.
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