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What software uses the firewire on a Fuel ?

Hi there,

I've a firewire board in my Fuel .. how do I make use of it ?

I want to both import and export video via it .. but I don't know what commands under IRIX would do that.

Any pointers ... I quite happily RTFM if I know which manual to read :-)



I queried "firewire" and "fuel" and found these <not too promising> threads:
Unfortunately it looks like nothing much has changed from December '08:
In December 2008 you wrote:
strandedinnz wrote:
I suppose the next question is .... how do I capture video from a firewire device ?
jan-jaap wrote:
I'm afraid the short answer is 'you don't'.

The search brought back a few more, but unfortunately I think those two pretty much sum up the current state of the fuel-firewire-video situation.

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strandedinnz wrote:
Any pointers ...

Pick up a Canopus ADVC 55. Then we'd confirm that none of the supported firewire video devices work.