SGI: Security

New Security Patches 7248 Kerberos and 7249 OpenSSL from Supportfolio for 6.5.28 to .30

1. Patch_SG0007248_Release_Note

This release note describes patch SG0007248 to IRIX 6.5.28,
6.5.29 and 6.5.30.

Patch SG0007248 replaces no patch(es).

This patch upgrade the Kerberos IRIX images from 1.3.1 to

1.3 Bugs_Fixed_by_Patch_SG0007249

This patch contains fixes for the following bugs in IRIX
OpenSSL 0.9.7e. OpenSSL is upgraded to version 0.9.7m. Bug
numbers from Silicon Graphics bug tracking system are
included for reference.

Patch 7249:

o 993892: fixes to following security issues:
CVE-2012-0884: PKCS#7 part only.

o Replaces and rolls up Patch 7217, which fixes:

o 929557: openssl der_chop script has symlink
vulnerability. der_chop has been removed.

o 956534: fixes to CVE-2006-2937 CVE-2006-3738 CVE-

o 956535: fixes to CVE-2006-2940
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I they completely stopped releasing updates years ago.
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pentium wrote: WOAHHHHHHHHHHHH. :shock:
I they completely stopped releasing updates years ago.

I thought the final was supposed to be Jan 2014 for patches based on stuff I had read. Color me impressed. Can we say IRIX 6.5 has been receiving updates longer then any other OS at this point?
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Titox wrote:

Yeah...just noticed that too when I logged in to look. I wonder if someone with a valid support contract could see if there's been any updates lately...
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7249 was the last
smit happens.

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