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RISC OS for Raspberry Pi?

I might check it out one day when I have some time..

Anyone else play with RISCOS on the RPi and have comments...??
What is RISCOS like to program on..?

Since it also originated from Cambridge in the in 1980s does it has any philosophical roots in common with Tripos/AmigaOS



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Installed it on another SDcard and played with it briefly. It has a web browser (which lacks Javascript), first time boot opens a "welcome to RISC OS" file in the browser which is helpful.
Enabling networking was easy. Browsing worked, but lack of Javascript was painful on many sites. I managed to crash the Task Manager, tried to Google how to restart it, but didn't find out. Didn't have much more time to play with it.

I'm getting an Atrix dock so I can turn my Rpi into a "RISC OS laptop." Acorn A4, you were missed.

smit happens.
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No experience with Raspberry Pi, but I do 95% of things on RISC OS nowdays so can recommend it to everyone.

Lack of javascript in NetSurf is not really a problem to me as the pages I visit rarely need it. There is one advantage when using Gmail with NetSurf, as can quickly open messages in new window with right mouse button.

I can not say much about the programming side of things, as have only done little BASIC programming and mostly with WimpBasic. At least there is lots of good documentation freely available to programmers.
PymbleSoftware wrote:
What is RISCOS like to program on..?

It uses register parameters and software interrupts instead of API calls.
It doesn't use virtual memory: all programs runs in the same address space.
This is the fastest way of computing but it's dangerous since memory pointers has no bounds.

Modern ARMs has 32-bit address space (up to 4GB) and allows 64-bit integer calculations (including division too).
Raspberry Pi has 512Mb on the board.

I'd like to play around with it - I tried it on someone's emulator once, and it seemed neatish. Don't have a RPI yet.

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Systems available for remote access on request.

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The Rpi build has some issues with my Atrix dock that the Rpi is connected to (resolutions won't stick, for example). I need to reflash it and mess with it some more. Still, it boots so much faster than Linux, and it seems a better fit for the low-power CPU.

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