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So a couple people here have a sizeable SGI collection, so most people here can perhaps relate. Or a Porsche collection, even if they are scale models :) . Or stamps. Here's one that is interesting: Concorde service items. Most of the sentiments here I can relate to. Maybe others can as well:
http://www.core77.com/blog/featured_ite ... _17572.asp
My friends call it my "Concorde thing" and some joke about the size of the collection (I have service for 16, including full placesettings down to the official linen napkins and placemats, plus a bevy of serving utensils, a thermos, coffee pot, creamers, salt & pepper shakers, etc.). Although I have a bunch of the official Concorde gift items, including some from earlier fittings, the focus of my collection is on the in-flight food service. After all, that's really what the experience was about.

Still others are into old cars or hifis or guitars or whatever. I also have maybe a half dozen lenses for my Minolta xd11 and a bunch of other accessories for it, but collecting camera equipment is fairly common. So we can discuss that some other day. (plus most of that is currently in storage... six time zones away from me... I'll be sure to pick it up in the spring. There's a 135mm prime and big flash here, for some reason)

Yup, I'm a youngin', so my first was actually the 2006. The 2002 just showed up today (shipped from egypt was a bit hair-raising) after keeping an eye open for a good three years now (and the inspiration for this post. Actually, AJ poked and prodded me to share...). Most are too expensive, damaged, framed, autographed, have some random stranger's name on the back, fake, etc. I'm still looking for 1998 and 1990, but I'm not in a rush. As a matter of fact I don't really actively look for anything. I have two 2010s because I bought the real one and then won the 'replica' (POS)...
'gli azzurri', across the years

I also have a bunch of club shirts, but those tend to come and go. I realized after taking this photo, my messi barca shirt is in the wash. I'm reasonably fortunate that I work and go to school in a place where I feel comfortable to dress down to my heart’s content, and need a proper jacket and tie maybe once a month. :D
closet contents

What else... these are kind of a work in progress... I have the MJOLNIR MKVI from halo 2 I sculpted, out of fiberglass and bondo. Fits me great, built it cheap for Halloween one year. IMO they are cool chilling on the hifi.

I also have (this is the work in progress) the Hayabusa from halo 3. This one I tried carbon fiber (instead of glass fiber) and bondo. Doesn't seem much lighter than the MKVI but definitely stronger. Not finished yet. I haven't worked on it in about a year. :/ I need to redo the collar/neckplate and the crown needs to be smoothed out some more. I do know it will be pearl white with an Oakley G30 (another one of those finishes you need to ‘see in person’) visor when it is finished. But I do not know *when* it will be finished. :) Of course, with no deadline, it could be years from now :) It deviates quite a bit from the actual game model though, so it fits properly onto my human head.

Post your random knick nacks, beanie babies, etc, here... whatever floats your boat.
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sybrfreq wrote: in storage... six time zones away from me...

glad you brought this up syb, sort of story of my life. when i was a kid my brother/sister/friends used to say i'm a collector (must have been my music addiction in the shape of vinyl records)

before i even went out of puberty, my nascent minimalism cheek-to-cheek with constant travelling just took the whole notion out of place. every now and then, i really miss favourite books, music and other things that are scattered all over the globe, but i prefer to pass things on to others who would put 'em in better use. i guess that a good collection requires a single, steady place.

zeus! all words, no pics. should come back with a few espresso machines or surfs :)
I've got a minor obsession with old UT Models die cast Porsche 993 collectibles. They are very nicely detailed and they look great on a shelf. Rare ones sell for a premium ($150+ on eBay for a Porsche 911 Turbo S model). In addition to these seven models, I've got a couple of AutoArt models, a BMW M3 and a Ford Mustang.

And it was my youthful obsession with 3D animation that led me to become an SGI enthusiast. I've got quite a few old professional animation packages - here are just a couple of them, I've also got boxed sets of Softimage 3.9, Maya 3, 3D Studio MAX 2.5, ElectricImage, and a bunch of other apps. I've also got a bunch of old Computer Graphics World magazines dating back to the late 1980's - CG was really exciting then because it was growing by leaps and bounds. Someday I'll put all this stuff on display in a "studio" room.

Those PowerAnimator boxes are so... nice - sexy. And all those other 3d softs also. :)

It would be really great to find a place online where to read scans of those old cgw magazines. Doubt that kind of torrents doesn't exist.
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I had all those A|W boxes complete with software along with an O2 at one point a few years ago. Sold it off to someone here on Nekochan, if I remember correct.
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If you're into boxes... I've got some stuff from the real early 90s which I was given along with the Professional Iris. I even have some parts of the invoice. :)
Frankly the boxes (if there were any) are gone, but I do have the folders and the more or less complete paperwork.

Speaking of other random collections, I enjoy cool technology and I always had a tendency to buy quality gear. Thus I have 2 great guitars (~1999 US made Fender, ~1994 Japan made Ibanez), 2 Nikon DSLR (D300s, D80) with some additional lenses and other gear. My newest soft spot are mechanical watches, so my current favourite toy is probably the ultimate geek watch, the Omega Speedmaster.

Random enough? ;-)
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one of my first guitars was an Ibanez, late 70's model. whoa, was it the heaviest axe i ever played!

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Not sure that counts. In the 70's, I collected 3M Bookshelf games. I then started to amass
Raymond Smullyan's books [while some of his books are now out of print or pretty hard to
get, I do have a complete collection]. Also, I still treasure my copies of that terrific magazine, The Armchair Detective - which, sadly, has died long ago. And, while not exactly
counting as a "collection", I'm an Accuphase fan - I still have an P-300V, C-200V, T-105 and DP-70 running [all of them from the '80s; I always dreamed of a complete Mark Levinson chain, although].
ramq wrote: I had all those A|W boxes complete with software along with an O2 at one point a few years ago. Sold it off to someone here on Nekochan, if I remember correct.

Ah, yes, that would be me. You already forgot? We're not that many enthusiasts here in Sweden. ;)

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uh-oh tell me that the fungus in your lens turned into a funky procini :) i've got a killer recipe for some pasta al dente
sybrfreq wrote: So a couple people here have a sizeable SGI collection, so most people here can perhaps relate. Or a Porsche collection, even if they are scale models :) .
Honest, it's not a collection! Just a 1974 914-4, a 1970 914-6, and a 1995 968. And I really might sell the 914-4 one of these days...
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fu: you aren't going crazy. I deleted my post, and I will repost once I've shot some film this weekend. (there was something... interesting... in the background of that picture, as well)
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I tried to set up a flickr account but decided it was too arcane and difficult. So here we are:
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=3 ... 5a656db604

Due to my ineptitude at loading film (actually, my grandfather gave this equipment to me and he forgot to tell me that you need to hold the film to the spool with a piece of tape :roll: ) shot 24 frames without advancing any film, and learned how to pull film tongue out of a canister without opening it. I wound up with some light leaks though. It's a bit trickier than the maxxum 8000i I used for high school photography class. :P (still have that one too)

I don't have a working normal lens, I have a 50mm with fungus all over it and a 58 1.4 with aperture stuck all the way open. Both should be easy to fix... There is a nice aviation museum within walking distance of where I am staying (in ottawa canada) so I might go this weekend, now that I can get the film in properly :D

It is a really impressive machine with all sorts of gizmos to hook up i.e. macro rings, lenses from 28 to a big 75-200 zoom, flashes, etc. Very pleasurable to use. Of course, the photo below was taken with my trusty old cyber-shot :)

I will have it serviced at some point to fix the film spool and there is also the plug for the data back is missing (covered with a piece of tape). I know it would be cheaper probably to buy another off of ebay, but that is not the point :)
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sybrfreq wrote: shot 24 frames without advancing any film

superimposition galore :)

not a collection but will probably grow into one. started as a gift, then we both got hooked. i've been using this airplant for some 2nd unit cinematography for a story that's still in its infancy. maria grabbed her x-acto and started sculpting paper:

Gerhard.Lenerz wrote: 2 Nikon DSLR (D300s, D80) with some additional lenses and other gear

Damn, that was just one year ago. Things got considerably worse this year. Now there is a D700 and a D800 as well as the upper half of the "holy threesome" (14-24/2.8, 24-70/2.8, 70-200/2.8). Great stuff, but the more I shoot the less I tend to carry with me. Or vice versa.

I should probably sell some of the older cameras, but I have a tendency to hoard all kinds of gadgets. The only things I truly got rid of were the disappointing D40 and one of my mobile phones. Oh, and of course I had to get rid the two PowerSeries racks... ;-)
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