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Hi all,

Sorry for the long wait, i've been off the board for several months again. This time it's my work at the TU which is at risk. It started in may and culminated last monday in a letter stating that i will not come back in the new organisation which starts the first of November.

I have no idea what will happen next to be honest. I have to leave my office in a week, containing a lot of the old SGI's and the Onyx2 and Origin2k so my buildwork on firefox is at risk. I'll try to get things shipped and tucked away for the moment, and the firefox3 work has to be archived and saved somewhere else.

As for the primary nekochan mirror: it's looking for a new home. I should get some colo space rented and put the stuff on there, but for now this is frankly the last of my worries. It will be addressed i promise.

I'll let you know how things fare in a few weeks time. Peace to y'all and happy SGI'ing!

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Ouch! This is certainly a wrench in the gears.
Exactly how big is the mirror and how much monthly bandwidth does it comsume? It would be a disaster if this went offline, even if it was only for a period of time.
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First things first. If you, as father and provider, are about to loose your job, then some old computers, never mind a web browser on an old operating system, are *not* your priorities.

I'd offer you storage for your hardware, but we've got a second baby underway so I'm about to loose my current computer room and will likely need to look for temp storage myself until a new extension to the house is built.

I wish you lots of strength and hope you find a new job soon!
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jan-jaap wrote: I wish you lots of strength and hope you find a new job soon!

Ditto. I don't know how it is over there, but here in the states it's pretty bad. I lost my job a year ago and struggle everyday. I look for work everyday, fill out applications, send my resume out, but never get any responses, and to top that find out I'm losing my health insurance at the end of October. Thank you dearly Mr. Bush for the fine mess you created!

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I just sent a PM to dexter. We are an Internet service provider, if we can help with some free ftp or rack space for a nekoware mirror, you are welcome.
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Just to echo the sentiments -- please take care of your personal priorities first before worrying about Nekochan. We'll likely still be here when life settles back down

@diegel - if you're willing to host a Nekoware mirror, let me know and I'll add it to the page. Thanks much!
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Sorry to hear that. I wish you all the best.

If you need space for interim storage I can offer you some room in my basement in Brussels. I expect to stay here for at least another two years, so if you need a place to "park" your stuff until you have sorted things out I will be happy to help.
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Yo Dex!

if you need to move the mirror stuff, we can move it onto my O300's straight away (flatrock).
Happy to help whenever required saving the SGI-verse! :-D

cheers, and best of luck, mate.
Shall I describe it to you? Or do you want me to get you a box?